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'Fresh Air Girl' ________________________________

Story from: IRIS BESSETTE [] copyright 2006


My best friend who I eventually married showed me (a true NYC girl) country, beautiful country! Coming from a cement jungle to fresh air, trees and grass was a big deal for me.


Back in the day; I was a ‘Fresh Air Girl’ which is a program that brings New York City kids upstate for fresh country air. I never liked living in the City.  So when I went Upstate, I fell in love with ‘Country’.   When I visited there I was on my best behavior so I would be sure to be invited again and again.  It worked my Country Family invited me every Summer.

Yes!  You can probably guess that my 'what I wanted to be when I grew up' would be a country girl???   I did just that, I moved to the Country as soon as I was able.

I always tell Bill, my husband, that if it was his home I had visited back then I would have been his personal ‘Fresh Air Girl’ a long time ago.  Later on in life (too much to mention the in-between), I met Bill but only he was married and so was I. Because we worked together, we were co-worker friends.  Then funny how life is?  He divorced and so did I, but we kind of went our separate ways for some time.   As life would have it - we came together again and eventually married!


It was during our courting that Bill showed me country.  We did many day and weekend trips; some camping trips and a lot of these trips were at his favorite location . . . . . . . Lake George, NY.  Oooooo what fun we had in Lake George!  Funny how happy we were just with Lake George that we missed out on so much more about that whole area!


So as life would have it, we married and started our business and became too busy in life.  After some wise investing I tell my Bill that we are "NOT" going to put this ‘extra’ money ‘into the business’ (as he always suggested).  This time, we are going to buy us a nice investment second home Upstate some place were we use to enjoy; sort of recapture our past. You know how life can sometimes get so hum drum, too busy keeping a business successful and all on top of all else.  So Bill, I and Mother took some time off driving around - okay that was one time and we didn’t find anything interesting enough.

Bill and I are on the move with true motivation, so we go out another time and this time we sort properties out a Realtor's assistance.  We went beyond Lake George, and luckily we didn’t take Mother with us.  We arrived in this cute, quaint little town of Bolton Landing.   Bill and I fell in love all over again. We put home hunting on hold and went to this little eatery place for some take-out and brought it over to the lake.  We found us a nice little spot and just took in the beautiful breath taking view. We fell in love - the lake, the view, boating, fresh air, friendly people on vacation-slow mode and each other.


Now, I have purchased property in my time, but this time WOW it was so enchanting. This Realtor didn’t have to work too hard that day.  He took us out one time - took us to our 'now' present home; and as Bill and I walked in different directions in this home and finally met,  . . . . . . we didn’t have to say anything.  It was written all over our faces.  We were in love with the house.  Still the Realtor suggested we look some more just to be absolutely sure and we did.  We looked at some more homes and just wanted to come back to look at ‘our home’.  We purchased back in July of 2001.


Today the enchantment still lives on. Talk about "I love NY", well I love Upstate and the more Upstate I discover living in this great area the more I know I am home.  "Home Sweet Home."

The End.




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