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While you are touring Adirondack's 6 million acres, you will need some restful places to stay while you venture onward.  Please enjoy our Adirondack hospitality.  The Adirondacks offer primitive camping to exquisite resorts.  Whatever your flavor, Adirondack Innkeepers are sure to make you feel safe, comfortable and well rested.  If camping is your style, adventure onward to our 'camping' section Have fun exploring the Adirondack wilderness!  We do!   Wish for a little romancing in the Park?  Check out fine Adirondack B&B's association.     Please do contact the accommodations before visiting as some are seasonal facilities. Listings posted with an are "Facebook" friendly.  


Quick Find By TownA-H, I-L, M-R, S-Z


S-Z = Great Towns/Villages/Hamlets of:  Sabael, Saranac Lake,  Schroon Lake, Sushan,  Silver Bay, Speculator,  St. Johnsville, Star Lake, Stony Creek, Thendra, Thurman, Ticonderoga, Tupper Lake, Upper Jay, Wanankena, Warrensburg, Weedsport, Wells, Westport, Wevertown, Whitehall, Willsboro and Wilmington

Burkes Cottages on Indian Lake    Sabael 518-648-5258
Smith's Cottage & The Lake Store Route 30, PO Box 1065 Sabael 518-648-5222
Squaw Brook Motel   Sabael 518-648-5262
Timberlock Camp Inc.   Sabael 518-648-5494
Saranac Lake      
Adirondack Motel Lake Flower Ave Saranac Lake 800-416-0117
Amanda's Village Motel   Saranac Lake  
Ampersand Bay Resort & Boat Club 31 Bayside Drive Saranac Lake 518-891-3001
Best Western Mountain Lake Inn    Saranac Lake 518-891-1970
Bob's Bear Creek Inn   Saranac Lake 518-891-9445
Bombard's Rustic Cabins   Saranac Lake 518-891-0208
Branch Farm B&B   Saranac Lake 518-891-0869
Church Pond Home   Saranac Lake 518-891-3505
Cochran's B&B / Cabins 1150 Kiwassa Lake Road Saranac Lake 518-891-5721
Doctor's Inn, The   Saranac Lake 888-518-3464
Evergreen Cabins   Saranac Lake 518-891-0777
Fogarty's B&B   Saranac Lake 800-525-3755
Gauthier's Saranac Lake Motor Inn 488 Lake Flower Avenue Saranac Lake 888-891-1950
Harbor Hill Inn & Cottages   Saranac Lake 518-891-2784
Hillman's Cottages   Saranac Lake 518-891-2263
Hohmeyer's Lake Clear Lodge   Saranac Lake 800-442-2356
Inglenook Cottage Bed & Breakfast 347 Park Ave Saranac Lake 518-819-1740
Jordan Cottage B&B   Saranac Lake 518-891-9998
Kiwassa Lake B&B 1150 Kiwassa Lake Road Saranac Lake 518-891-5721
Lake Flower Inn   Saranac Lake  
Lake Side Motel 256 Lake Flower Ave Saranac Lake 518-891-4333
Leaning Birch Lodge 67 Floodwood Road Saranac Lake 585-208-9795
Loon's Call Camp   Saranac Lake 703-522-8991
Mallard Hill Cottages   Saranac Lake  
Middle Saranac Lake Camp   Saranac Lake  
Morningside River Camp   Saranac Lake 518-891-5491
Mountain Lake Inn (Best Western)   Saranac Lake  
Mountain Shadows   Saranac Lake 518-891-6925
Panther Cottage   Saranac Lake 888-329-5253
Patriot House B&B   Saranac Lake 518-891-7314
Pond's Paradise   Saranac Lake 518-891-1776
Porcupine Manor   Saranac Lake 518-891-5160
Riverside Lodge   Saranac Lake  
Saranac Club & Inn   Saranac Lake  
Saranac Inn Golf & Country Club   Saranac Lake  
Saranac Village at Will Rogers 78 Will Rogers Drive Saranac Lake 518-891-7117
Sara-Placid Motor Inn   Saranac Lake  
Sky Acres Lodge   Saranac Lake 518-891-5721
Sunday Pond B&B 5544 State Route 30 Saranac Lake 518-891-1531
Sunset Beach   Saranac Lake  
The Dryad Boathouse 624 Lake Street Saranac Lake 518-891-5915
The Hotel Saranac of Paul Smith's College 109 Main Street Saranac Lake 800-937-0211
The Point Resort   Saranac Lake 800-255-3530
Turner's Cottage   Saranac Lake 866-582-4358
Upper Saranac Lake Log Home   Saranac Lake 518-523-4640
Way Cottage   Saranac Lake 352-688-0323
Schroon Lake      
Adirondack Docks   Schroon Lake 518-222-8092
Adirondack Inn Schroon Lake 1051 Main Street Schroon Lake 518-743-1665
Adirondack Lakefront Rentals   Schroon Lake 201-786-6218
Blue Ridge Motel  2455 US Route 9 Schroon Lake 518-532-7521
Chamlar Lakefront Cottages 74 Leland Ave Schroon Lake 518-532-7716
Elm Tree Motel & Cabins 15 Elm Street Court Schroon Lake  
Garden Cottages   Schroon Lake  
Highland Valley Cabins   Schroon Lake 518-585-2269
Kish Duna Motel & Cottages 950 Route 9 Schroon Lake 518-532-7887
Lake Dweller Motel & Cottages 726 US Route 9 Schroon Lake 518-532-7852
Lake Paradox Club 1 River Road Schroon Lake 518-532-7734
Lakeview Inn @ Schroon Lake 895 Route 9 Schroon Lake 518-791-3578
Maple Leaf Motel 1370 Route 9 Schroon Lake 518-532-7474
Medcalf Acres Riverfront Campground & RV Park Resort 231 River Road Schroon Lake 518-461-1730
977 NINE 997 US Route 9 Schroon Lake  
North Woodlands on Paradox Lake   Schroon Lake 518-532-7262
On the River Campground 134 NYS Route 74 Schroon Lake 518-532-7768
Paradox House Gallery Retreat 167 State Route 74 Schroon Lake 518-351-5003
Prediletto's Paradis   Schroon Lake 518-857-5450
Rocky Acres Inn & Sewing Alteration 1094 Trout Brook Road Schroon Lake 518-532-9709
Rowe's Lake Breeze Cottages 1328 Route 9 Schroon Lake 518-532-7298
Schroon Lake B&B 1515 Route 9 Schroon Lake 518-532-7042
Schroon Lake Camps   Schroon Lake 518-532-9999
Schroon Lake Place 1054 US Route 9 Schroon Lake 518-532-7649
Schroon River Ranch Motel 2331 US Route 9 Schroon Lake 518-532-7181
Silver Spruce Inn B&B 2005 US Route 9 Schroon Lake 518-532-7031
Starry Night Cabins 37 Flower Ave Schroon Lake 518-532-7907
Summer Harbour Cottages 75 Pleasant View Road Schroon Lake 518-532-7169
Sunder Land Cottages 248 Fraternaland Road Schroon Lake 518-585-3520
Terra Alta Cottages 1196 Route 9 Schroon Lake 518-532-7511
The Adirondack Inn 1051 US Route 9 Schroon Lake 518-743-1665
The Garden Cottages   Schroon Lake 518-532-0570
Tumble Inn 875 Route 9 Schroon Lake 518-532-7604
Warren Inn B&B 18 Leland Road Schroon Lake 518-532-9118
Redgate Lodging 72 Redgate Lane Shushan 518-854-7350
Silver Bay      
Jan Dor Cottages   Silver Bay 518-543-6483
Northern Lake George Resort (diving) Route 9N Silver Bay 518-543-6528
Silver Bay Association YMCA   Silver Bay  
Snug Harbor Cottages   Silver Bay 518-543-6443
Alpine Meadow Chalets   Speculator 518-548-5615
Bearhurse Lakeside Cottages   Speculator 518-548-6427
Cedarhurst Motel Lodge   Speculator 518-548-6054
Cozy Cottage   Speculator 352-465-3656
Gable's Motel   Speculator 518-548-7954
Henrietta's House B&B   Speculator 518-548-7010
Lake Pleasant Inn   Speculator 518-548-5746
Pleasant Pine Cottages   Speculator 518-548-6421
Red Pine B&B   Speculator 518-548-5382
Shadetree Cottage   Speculator 518-548-6206
Shamrock Hill Cottage   Speculator 518-548-3842
The Inn at Speculator Route 8 Speculator 518-548-3692
The Spencer House   Speculator 518-548-3692
Timber Ridge Cabins   Speculator 315-866-1351
Zeiser's Restaurant & Hotel Route 8 Speculator 518-548-7021
St. Johnsville      
Cystal Grove Diamond Mines & Campground County Highway 114 St. Johnsville  
Star Lake      
Twin Lakes Hotel Route 3 Star Lake 315-848-2291
Stony Creek      
Bit n' Bridle Ranch   Stony Creek 518-606-2776
Harrisburg Lake Club   Stony Creek  
Moose River House B&B Fawn Landing Thendra 315-360-3104
Mountain View Motel   Thendra 315-369-6139
Daggett Lake Campsite & Cabins Glen Athol Road Thurman  
Belford Court Motel   Ticonderoga 518-585-7000
Best Western Plus 260 Burgoyne Road Ticonderoga 518-585-BEST
Bonnie Leight Motel Hague Road Ticonderoga 518-585-2300
Brookwood  RV Resort 133 State Route 9N Ticonderoga 518-585-4462
Circle Court Motel   Ticonderoga 518-585-7600
Cook Cottage Rentals   Ticonderoga 518-585-7654
Green Acres Motel   Ticonderoga 518-585-2274
Heart Bay Lodges 581 Baldwin Road Ticonderoga 518-585-7654
Luberto's Getaway 9  Mossy Point road Ticonderoga 518-585-6561
Mom's Cabin 594 Putts Pond Road Ticonderoga 518-585-2803
Snug Harbor Cottages 7824 Lakeshore Drive Silver Bay 518-543-6443
Super 8 1144 Wicker Street Ticonderoga 518-585-2617
Tupper Lake      
Adirondack Lakeside Cottages   Tupper Lake  
Black Woods Inn 629 State Highway 56 Childwood 518-359-9312
Blue Jay Campsite & Marina State Route 30 Tupper Lake 518-359-3720
Call of the Loon on Upper Saranac Lake   Tupper Lake 518-891-4115
Camp Bodocious   Tupper Lake 716-743-0539
Coccia Pines 1461 State Route 30 Tupper Lake 702-515-7814
Curtgay Cove S. Little Wolf Road Tupper Lake 518-359-9613
Duma's Cottages 8954 State Higway 3 Childwood 518-359-3591
Faust Motel   Tupper Lake 518-359-9088
Grand Union Hotel & Bar 6 Depot Street Tupper Lake 518-359-7556
Green Bay Camp State Roue 30 Tupper Lake 610-644-6573
Gull Pond Home   Tupper Lake 518-523-4640
Hauser's Have   Tupper Lake 518-359-9007
Lakeview Motel   Tupper Lake 518-359-2778
Little Wolf Cabin 82 Little Wolf Road Tupper Lake 518-359-8103
Little Wolf Campsite & Public Beach 120 Demars Boulevard Tupper Lake 518-359-3981
Log Home   Tupper Lake 518-523-4640
Moody Cabin 1686 Moody Road  Tupper Lake 518-359-7112
Mount Arab Lodge & Cottages PO Box 671 Tupper Lake 518-359-9022
Mt. Arab Lodge & Cabins 50 Mount Arab Road Tupper Lake 518-359-9300
Mountain Gate Motel 9754 State Highway Childwood 518-359-2540
Northwood Cabins 2775 State Route 30 Tupper Lake 800-727-5756 
Paddler's Paradise   Tupper Lake 888-329-5253
Park Motel and Cabins 336 Park Street Tupper Lake 800-382-3603
Pine Terrace Motel & Resort 1616 State Route 30 Tupper Lake 518-359-9258
Quinn Camp   Tupper Lake 239-598-2290
Red Top Inn 1563 State Route 30 Tupper Lake 518-359-9209
Roe's Cottages   Tupper Lake  
Shaneen's Motel 314 Park Street Tupper Lake 518=359-3384
Shuster Cabin   Tupper Lake 518-469-8980
Sunset Camp Hoel Pond Road Tupper Lake 888-329-5253
The Grand Union Hotel 36 Depot Street Tupper Lake 518-359-3663
The Three Pillars 1361 State Route 30 Tupper Lake 518-359-3093
Three Pillars on Big Tupper Lake   Tupper Lake 518-35603093
Timber Lodge Motel 1472 State Route 30 Tupper Lake 518-359-2320
Top Notch Motel   Tupper Lake 866-408-0444
Tupper Lake Motel 255 Park Street Tupper Lake 518-359-3381
Upper Jay      
Adirondack Vacation Loft    Upper Jay 518-946-8315
Packbasket Adventure Lodge   Wanakena 315-848-3488
Alynn's Butterfly Inn B&B 69 State Route 9 Warrensburg 518-623-9390
Anthony's North Country Lodge 112 Main Street Warrensburg 518-623-2162
Ashe's Hotel 85 Hudson Street Warrensburg 518-623-9872
Bear Pond Cottages 760 State Route 28 Warrensburg 518-623-3404
Camp Echo Lake 62 Echo Lake Road Warrensburg 518-623-3244
Cornerstone Victorian B&B 3924 Main Street Warrensburg 518-623-3308
Country Road Lodge B&B 15 Hickory Hill Road Warrensburg 518-623-2207
Cronin's Golf Resort Golf Course Road Warrensburg 518-623-9336
Echo Lake Lodge 100 Hudson Street Warrensburg 518-623-5599
Emerson House B&B 3826 Main Street Warrensburg 518-623-2758
Glen Lodge B&B 1129 Route 28 Warrensburg 800-867-2335
Griffin House B&B 3 Hudson Street Warrensburg 518-623-2449
Lake George Schroon Valley Resort 1730 Schroon River Road Warrensburg 518-494-2451
Lily Pad   Warrensburg 518-623-0701
North Country Lodge B&B 4112 US Route 9 Warrensburg 518-623-2162
Ridin-Hy Ranch Resort North Sherman Lake Road Warrensburg 518-494-2742
Route 9 Budget Inn 2955 Route 9 Warrensburg 518-623-5158
Seasons B&B 3822 Main Street Warrensburg 518-623-3832
Dillion Hill Inn 58 Dillion Hill Road, PO Box 127 Wevertown 518-251-2912
Lakeside Lodge - 7th Lake    Weedsports 315-357-4768
Adirondack Mountain Chalet   Wells 518-924-2112
Adk. Properties Lakeside Camp   Wells 518-765-2941
Alqonquin Motel   Wells 518-924-2751
Duffy's Lakeside Cottages   Wells 518-924-9207
Lakefront House   Wells 518-773-8058
Longview Cottage   Wells 201-998-1111
Pettit Mountain Miniatures   Wells 518-924-5251
Pine Haven   Wells 845-855-1877
Sherwood Forest Cottages & Bakery   Wells 518-924-5456
Sining Mountain Camp   Wells 518-736-1007
All Tucked Inn 6001 Main Street Westport 518-962-4400
Deswert Hospitality   Westport 518-962-4501
Gray Goose Guests 19 Champlain Ave Westport 518-962-4562
Inn On The Library Lawn 1234 Stevenson Road Westport 518-962-8666
Nelson;s Cottages 7 Congress Street Westport 518-962-7361
Sheldon Manor 7 Congress Street Westport 518-962-2944
Stable Properties 7 Cottage Compound Westport 518-431-3500
The Hilltop Motel  35 Youngs Road Westport 518-962-4401
The Inn in Westport 1234 Stevenson Road Westport 518-335-1966
Venture Inn B&B 6363 Main Street Westport 518-962-2797
Victorian Lady, The 6447 Main Street, Route 9N Westport 518-962-2345
Westport Hotel 6691 Main Street Westport 518-962-4501
Westport Lakeside Motel 80 Champlain Ave Westport 518-962-8612
On the Way B&B 2021 Route 8 Wevertown 518-251-2900
Tree Tops Route 28 Wevertown 518-251-4126
Trudy's B&B Route 28 & 8 Wevertown 518-251-3737
White Horse Lodge 2048 State Route 8 Wevertown 518-251-3634
Ash Road Inn 158 Broadway Whitehall 518-499-0010
Budget Inn Route 4 Whitehall 518-499-0200
Finche & Chub Restaurant & Inn 82 North William Street Whitehall 518-499-2049
Grey Goose Apartments PO Box 185 Whitehall 518-656-4449
Hillside Motel Route 4 Whitehall 518-282-9250
Panorama Coach 13 Center Street Whitehall 518-499-1997
Redwood Motel Route 4, Comstock Road Whitehall 518-499-0200
Adirondack Meadow B&B 277 Lake Shore Road Willsboro 518-963-4075
Arcadia Cottages on Willsboro Bay  37 Day Circle Willsboro 518-963-8941
Bay View Motel 361 Farrell Road Willsboro 877-747-8713
Breezy Bay 383 Farrell Road Willsboro 518-576-9840
Camp Pok-O-MacCrady Rebar Road Willsboro 800-982-3538
Champlan Vistas B&B 4525 NYS Route 22 Willsboro 519-963-8029
Long Pond Cabins Route 221 Willsboro 518-963-4126
Pok-O-MacCready Camps 1391 Reber Road Willsboro 518-963-7656
Adirondack Holiday Lodge   Wilmington  
Adirondack Woodland Retreat   Wilmington  
Alpine Country Inn & Suites 5647 Route 86 Wilmington 518-946-2263
Birch Tree Lodge   Wilmington  
Bunkhouse Lodge   Wilmington 518-946-2602
Deep Woods Cabin   Wilmington  
Grand View Motel   Wilmington  
Green Mountain Lodge   Wilmington  
Hawkeye Motel   Wilmington 518-946-2347
Hungry Trout Motor Inn & Restaurant Route 86 Wilmington 518-946-2217
Huntington Motel & Cottages   Wilmington  
Inn at Whiteface   Wilmington  
Ledge Rock at Whiteface   Wilmington  
Log Cabin at North Pole Resorts   Wilmington  
Lourie House   Wilmington 860-347-8707
Mountain Brook Lodge 5712 Route 86 Wilmington  
Mountain View Contemporary   Wilmington  
North Pole Resorts 5647 Route 82 Wilmington 518-946-7733
Once Upon a Time   Wilmington 518-946-2314
Otter Chalet   Wilmington  
River Ranch Cabins   Wilmington 518-946-7989
Steinhoff's Sportsman Inn   Wilmington  
Whiteface Chalet   Wilmington 518-946-2207
Wilderness Inn II Route 86 Wilmington 518-964-2301
Willkommen Hof Bed & Breakfast   Wilmington  
Yost Bert & Heike Route 86 Wilmington 518-946-7669




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