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Audubon Birding Areas

Please enjoy our aviary friends of Peregrine Falcon, Common Raven, Loon, Spruce Grouse, Three-toed Woodpecker, Bicknell's Thrust, Swainson's Thrush, Gray Jay, Boreal Chickadee, Rudy-crowned Kinglet, Red Crossbill, Northern Parula, and several species of flycathers and warblers.  Bird watching in the Adirondacks is a surreal experience.  Did you know that the Bicknell Thrush, breeds at our high elevations, but winters in the Caribbean.  That's a true snow bird!!!


If you find a rare species, please report to the Bird Resources noted below.  We also welcome your favorite stories of traveling to the Park.   with your sightings and adventures soon.  Help us save our aviary treasures for generations to come.    Please patronized our businesses.


Birding Areas

 Adirondack High Peaks Wilderness Area

The largest designated wilderness area (Newcomb, Minerva, Olmstedville, Camp Santonia Rich Lake)

Crown Point

State Historical Site

(Route 903, Crown Point Bridge)

Four Brothers Island

Adk. Nature Conservancy Preserve Willsboro Point

Ticonderoga Marsh

Locate at the mouth of La Chute River, Ticonderoga

Web Royce Swamp

Located near Coon Mountain


Cat & Thomas Mountain Preserves Bolton Landing

(moderate to difficult hike)

Gore Mountain/Schaefer Trail

North Creek

(short hike to summit)

Northwest Bay

 Bolton Landing, wetlands

(canoe usage)

Rogers Rock

 Hague, campground for fee

Shelving Rock

 Lake George, day use park

Tongue Mtn. Range

Bolton Landing, rugged uplands, caution

Debar Pond (boreal forest)

California Rd, Duane NY

Little traveled, park at DEC parking area

Madawaski Flow

Blue Mountain Road, Paul Smiths

(favored boreal birding area)


Indian Lake

Mountain View Lake - left off Teboville Road

(waterfowl stop)



Wildlife Management Areas

Ausable Marsh Wildlife Mgt. Area

Route 9, north of Ausable Chasm

Pauline Murdock

Wildlife Management Area

Route 8, Elizabethtown

Putts Creek

Wildlife Management Area

Tom Clark Road, Crown Point

Wickham Marsh

Wildlife Management. Area

Port Kent

Warren County Fish Hatchery

Up Yonder Farm Environment Ed., Center Bolton Landing

Akwesasne Mohawk Reserve

Cooke Road,  Akwesasne (near Hogansburg)

Wetland species, good brushy habitat

Adk. Park Visitors Interpretive Centers

Route 30, Paul Smiths, NY AND

Route 28N, Newcomb

Malone Memorial Recreation Park

 Route 11, Malone

(panoramic view of wide water pool)

Tupper Lake Municipal Park

Tupper Lk. Marsh & The Wild Center

(check the water's edge & cattail marsh)

Saranac Lake High School Pond

Right off Edwood Drive

(best in spring/fall migration)


Lowland Boreal Wetlands

Adk. Park Visitors Interpretavie Centers

Route 30, Paul Smiths, NY and Route 28N, Newcomb

Tahawas Rd to Upper Works


Chubb River

Averyville Road

Lake Placid

Upland Boreal Habitat

Hurricane Mt. Wilderness

Route 9N

west of Elizabethtown

Whiteface Mt. Veteran's Mem'l Hwy.

Route 431




Cliffs & Bluffs

Chapel Pond

Route 73

Keene Valley

Poke-O-Moonshine State Campground


Wilmington Notch

Route 86




Sabattis Bog

Sabattis Road, Sabattis

Ferd's Bog

Route 28, Inlet

Bloomingdale Bog

(Bigelow Road, Bloomingdale NY)

Boreal Bird watch (*rare Northern Hawk Owls)

Spring Pond Bog

Floodwood Road, Lake Clear

Preserve (locked gate)

call Nature Conservatory @ 518-576-2082





Adirondack Safaris

Gore Mountain Region


Up Yonda Farm Environmental Education Center

5239 Lake Shore Drive

Bolton Landing


Warren County Fish Hatchery

145 Fish Hatcher Road



Long Lake






Birding in Franklin County

Birding in Hamilton County - FREE Guide & Trail Map (excellent)


Birding Resource Links

High Peaks Audubon Society Inc.


Lake Champlain Birding Trail


NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation

Tamarack Bird and Wild Life Museum
Mayfield, 518-863-6796

Hamilton County Bird Guide & Trail Map, 800-648-5239

Birds of Essex County, avail. High Peaks Audubon Society, RR 1, Box 230, Elizabethtown, NY 12932

New York Audubon Society


Franklin County Tourism


Ask for "Birding Trail Map"

 Southern Adirondack Audubon Society


Adirondack Mountain Club

Book Store - "Adirondack Birding"

Adirondack's school report, by Erica Hedden  


* If you have a location to report, please us to add to this directory. 



A message from NY State DEC ...



Here are some tips to increase your chances of viewing wildlife


Keep your distance - coming too close to animals will cause them stress.  They may become aggressive and dangerous or they may just run.   In some cases, they may abandon their young.


Stay quiet and be patient - Move slowly and quietly, avoid sudden movements and you will increase your chances of seeing wildlife and avoid stressing the animals.


Dress Properly - The right clothing and footwear will ensure you are comfortable and enable you to stay outdoors for a longer periods of time.


Enhance your Eyesight - Use binoculars, spotting scopes and cameras to improve your ability to view wildlife that is not easily seen with the naked eye.


Learn About Wildlife - Use field guides, books and the internet to learn about their habitat, their appearances, and learn calls and signs to better find, see and identify wildlife.


Watch at Dusk & Dawn - This is when most wildlife is active.


Choose Your Season - Many species of wildlife will only appear during certain seasons.  They may migrate in the spring or fall, breed or nest in specific locations for the summer, or hibernate in the winter.


Cruise the Back Roads - Drive slowly on the back roads with a passenger serving as wildlife spotter.


Stay in Your Vehicle - If viewing from the roadside location, observe wildlife from the inside of your vehicle.  Even with the windows, rolled down, wildlife often don't associate vehicles with humans.



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