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Because you can't always visit, we bring our amateur shots to you.  Enjoy our visitor's shared photos.  If you wish to reuse, please contact them direct.  Thank you, and ENJOY! (Click on photos to enlarge)


Fort Crown Point, Crown Point NY


It was told that Fort Crown Point was built on the ruins of Saint-Federic Fort (a French fort that was never attached and later destroyed in 1759).  The British Army under General Jeffery Amherst constructed a larger fort after the capture of Carillon (a French Fort to the south).  This also was never under attack, however the garrison was captured in early days of the American Revolutionary War.  Today it is preserved in the Crown Point State Historic Site and are on the National Historic Landmarks.  Though it didn't see battle, it reminds of us how troops lived.  When visiting please check out the museum and be respectful of the grounds.


Crown Point Bridge - Spring of 2012 Fort Crown Point, Crown Point NY Sir Jeffrey Amherst constructed Fort Crown Point in 1759
Barracks British Provincal
Fort Crown Point was built on a pennisular as a strong hold Two Story - fireplaces back to backField stone work
Officer Quarters Later engravings


Photography by , visit 3/17/2012 St. Patty's Day Outing with friends


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