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Elizabethtown is the County Seat for the government of Essex County, created the 12th day of  February 1798.  Rich in heritage, and bustling with governmental decisions of the Adirondacks for Essex County, travelers have coined Elizabethtown the "Pleasant Valley".  The Boquet River and Black River run through Elizabethtown, and Lewis is known for exceptional hunting and is home to the famed Meadowmount School of MusicElizabethtown host wilderness areas of the Giant Mountain and Boquet River Primitive Wilderness and parts of the Dix Mountain Wilderness as well.  Hamlets of Lewis include Crowninghield, Deerhead and Stowersville; and Elizabethtown has a rural hamlet of New Russia.   Below are local business in the Elizabethtown/Lewis Region that visitors may enjoy viewing.   Please explore and come visit.  


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Area Code 518

A Small Piece of Paradise Salon 8885 US Route 9 Lewis 873-2600
Adirondack Auto Service Inc. 7440 Route 9 Elizabethtown 873-6389
  Adirondack Center Museum Route 9 Elizabethtown 873-6466
Adirondack Chevrolet Buick 7504 US Route 9 Elizabethtown 873-6389
Adirondack Coast Bikeway Guide   Elizabethtown  
Adirondack Community Action Program   7575 Court Street #2 Elizabethtown 873-3207
Adirondack Community Housing Trust   103 Hand Ave Elizabethtown 873-3691
Adirondack Council 103 Hand Ave #3 Elizabethtown 873-2240
Adirondack Heritage Hogs 26 Clark Lane Elizabethtown 873-2650
Adirondack History Center Museum & Essex County Historical Society 7590 Court Street Elizabethtown 873-6466
Adirondack Illustrator PO Box 84 Elizabethtown 962-4977
Adirondack KK Ranch Country 7573 Court Street Elizabethtown 873-3209
Adirondack Outdoor Company 8549 US Route 9 Lewis 873-6806
Adirondack Park Baxter Mountain  Hurricane Mountain Lane Elizabethtown  
Adirondack Presbyterian Church   Elizabethtown 891-5638
Adirondack Science Camp Twin Valleys Lewis 962-4763
  Alvin Reiner Photography    New Russia 873-6834
Astrosolutions Computer Repair and Networking 211 Water Street Elizabethtown 873-2681
Aubuchon Hardware 7572 Court Street Elizabethtown 873-2210
Ausable River Association 7533 Court Street Elizabethtown 873-3753
  Baldwin ADK LP - Mountain Meadows (8 Units - Elizabethtown) PO Box 542 Schroon Lake 532-0144
Banks & Money Handlers
Bar Harbor Music Festival Lewis Road Elizabethtown 873-6585
Barbara Dunsmore Decorating 261 Carlott Road Elizabethtown 873-6475
Belzer, Dan & Mary (Stain glass) 50 Lord Road Elizabethtown 873-6403
Big Papa's Tackle Shop & More 9111 US Route 9 Lewis 873-6833
  Billy's Barber Shop 7404 US Route 9 Elizabethtown 873-6464
Birds of Essex County/High Peaks Audubon Society RR 1 Elizabethtown  
Black River Road Trail (visit biking)   Elizabethtown  
Blueberry Hill Park (pdf)   Elizabethtown  
Boquet Development LP/Boquet Senior Housing  (12 Units) 20 Lawrence Way Elizabethtown 873-6793
Boquet Liquor Store Main Street Elizabethtown 873-6572
Briggs Service Company 6872 US Route 9 Elizabethtown 873-3200
  Burgh, The   (News) 14 Hand Ave Elizabethtown  
Butternut Florist 15 Court Street Elizabethtown 696-2098
  Camping in the Adirondacks      
  Chamber of Commerce's in the Park      
Charm's Hands (Therapeutic Massage) 8 William Street Elizabethtown 873-3270
Children's Center of the North Country/Pyramids Court Street Elizabethtown 873-9857
Church of the Good Shepard  (Episcopal) 16 Williams Street Elizabethtown 873-6521
  Churches of the North Country      
Clothing Corner, The 8 Williams Street Elizabethtown 873-2077
Cobble Hill Golf Course  (built in 1896) High Street Elizabethtown 873-9974
Cointstar 276 Court Street Elizabethtown  
Coon Mtn. Circuit   Elizabethtown  
Cornerstone Gallery 219 Water Street Elizabethtown 873-9130
Crary Education Fund 8273 River Street Elizabethtown 873-6496
Credit Repair 5201 US Route 9 Lewis  
Curry L. W. Books 203 Water Street Elizabethtown 873-2631
D&B Used Furniture & Gifts 290 Water Street Elizabethtown 234-1048
Day Habilitation Program 1 Wells Hill Road Lewis 873-9827
Dean Color Postcards   Elizabethtown 873-2497
Deborah's Beauty Salon 528 Stowersville Road Lewis 873-2629
Denton Feed Store Route 9 & Stowersville Road Lewis 873-6866
Denton Publication (Regional newspaper) 14  Hand Street Elizabethtown 800-277-6567
Denton's Adult Care Home 39 Pulsifer Lane Lewis  
Designed by U 9770 US Route 9 Lewis 873-2646
  Dining in the Park      
East Dix Mountain   Elizabethtown  
Egglefield Brothers Ford Inc. 7618 US Route 9 Elizabethtown 873-6551
Elizabeth Cemetery Association River Street Elizabethtown 873-6823
Elizabethtown Circulating Library 8256 River Street Elizabethtown 873-2670
  Elizabethtown, Town of:      
  • Clerk, Tax Collector, 873-6555
  • Code Officer
  • Dog Control, 873-9902
  • Fire Department,  873-9944
  • Highway, 873-2020
  • Justice, 873-2047
  • Town Hall, 873-6555
  • Supervisor, 873-6597
  • Water District, 275-8183
Elizabethtown Community Health Center 66 Park Street Elizabethtown 873-6896
Elizabethtown Community Hospital 75 Park Street Elizabethtown 873-6377
Elizabethtown Fire Phone Woodruff Lane Elizabethtown 873-2200
  Elizabethtown Historical Center Museum 7590 Court Street Elizabethtown 873-6466
Elizabethtown Lewis Central School System (link) Court Street Elizabethtown 873-9986
Elizabethtown Library Association  River Street Elizabethtown 873-2670
Elizabethtown Social Center 7626 Court Street Elizabethtown 873-6408
Elizabethtown Sunoco 8289 River Street Elizabethtown 873-2700
Elizabethtown Thrift Shop 7552 Court Street Elizabethtown 837-6518
Elizabethtown to High Bridge Falls    Elizabethtown  
Elizabethtown Volunteer Fire (non emergency) Woodruff Lane Elizabethtown 873-9944
Wadhams-Lewis Loop Trails
Elizabethtown-Lewis Central School Court Street Elizabethtown 873-6371
Elizabethtown-Lewis Chamber of Commerce PO Box 241 Elizabethtown  
Elizabethtown-Lewis Youth Commission PO Box 265 Elizabethtown 873-6555
Elizabethtown-Westport Garden Club 7626 US Route 9 Elizabethtown 873-9279
Essex County Advocate Programs 222 Water Street Elizabethtown 873-9281
Essex County Aging Office 132 Water Street Elizabethtown 873-3695
Essex County Ambulance/Fire Department (non emergency)   Elizabethtown 873-3200
Essex County ARC Park Street Elizabethtown 873-2604
Essex County Attorney 7551 Court Street Elizabethtown 873-3380
  Essex County Board of Elections 7551 Court Street Elizabethtown 873-3474
Essex County Board of Supervisor 7551 Court Street Elizabethtown 873-3350
Essex County Clerk 7559 Court Street Elizabethtown 873-3600
Essex County Commission of Jurors/Law Library 7551 Court Street Elizabethtown 873-3377
  Elizabethtown Community Hospital 75 Park Street Elizabethtown 873-6377
Essex County District Attorney Office 7551 Court Street Elizabethtown 873-3335
Essex County Division of Highway 7551 Court Street Elizabethtown 873-3866
Essex County Emergency Services 7551 Court Street Elizabethtown 873-3660
Essex County Emergency Services  7551 Court Street Lewis 873-6650
Essex County Employment Office 7551 Court Street Elizabethtown 873-3470
  Essex County Family Court 7551 Court Street Elizabethtown 873-3326  
Essex County Family & Children's Services 7551 Court Street Elizabethtown 873-3420
Essex County Food Stamp Department 7551 Court Street Elizabethtown 873-3444
Essex County Industrial Department Agency 7566 Court Street Elizabethtown 873-9114
Essex County Landfill & Recycling 8181 US Route 9 Lewis 873-6650
Essex County Manager 7551 Court Street Elizabethtown 873-3333
Essex County Medicaid 7551 Court Street Elizabethtown 873-3450
Essex County Mental Health Services 7551 Court Street Elizabethtown 873-3670
  Essex County Office for the Aging PO Box 217 Elizabethtown 873-3695
Essex County Nursing Services Water Street Elizabethtown  
Essex County Nutrition Program for the Elderly 7551 Court Street Elizabethtown 873-3690
Essex County Personnel Office 7551 Court Street Elizabethtown 873-3360
Essex County Planning Office Court Street Elizabethtown 873-3685
Essex County Probation Grant 100 Court Street Elizabethtown 873-9537
Essex County Probation Office 7551 Court Street Elizabethtown 873-3650
Essex County Public Health Department 7551 Court Street Elizabethtown 873-3500
Essex County Public Works 7551 Court Street Elizabethtown 873-3666
Essex County Purchasing Dept. 7551 Court Street Elizabethtown 873-3330
Essex County Real Property Tax Service 7551 Court Street #2 Elizabethtown 873-3390
Essex County Sheriff Dept/Jail 7551 Court Street Elizabethtown 873-6321
Essex County Social Services 7551 Court Street Elizabethtown 873-3490
Essex County Stop DWI 7533 Court Street Elizabethtown 873-3630
Essex County Surrogates Court 7551 Court Street Elizabethtown 873-3384
Essex County Veteran's Office 7551 Court Street Elizabethtown 873-3488
Essex Housing Assistance 103 Hand Ave Elizabethtown 873-6888
Evelyn's Bakery Court Street Elizabethtown 873-2222
  Exploring Nature Educational Resource, The PO Box 84 Elizabethtown  
  46er Mountain Directory      
  Family Fun Directory      
Families First in Essex County 196 Water Street Elizabethtown 873-9544
  Farmer's Markets      
Farm Cutting 74 Cutting Road Elizabethtown 873-2032
  Farmer's Market (behind Adk. Center Museum) Elizabethtown 946-7642
Fedex 103  Hand Ave Elizabethtown  
  Fire Towers      
Giant Mountain Wilderness Trails Route 9 and Route 9N Elizabethtown  
  Golf (other courses)      
Grand Union Family Market Court Street Elizabethtown 873-6589
Graymont 9198 US Route 9 Lewis 873-2275
H&R Block Tax Services 818 Route 9 Lewis 873-2498
Hair Designs water Street Elizabethtown 873-6492
Hairs The Place 7572 Court Street Elizabethtown 873-3240
Harmony's Gate Kennel Services   Elizabethtown 593-2371
Head Shapes 10 Water Street Elizabethtown 873-6557
Heart of the Adirondacks Flowers & Gifts 209 Water Street Elizabethtown 873-3291
  Hiking Trails & Resources      
Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAPS) 10 Water Street Elizabethtown 873-3816
Horace Nye Home 81 Park Street Elizabethtown 873-3570
  Hospital & Health Care Providers      
Housing Assistance Program 8574 US Route 9 Lewis 873-2571
Hurricane Mountain Wilderness Route 9N Elizabethtown  
  Industrial Development Agency 7566 Court Street Elizabethtown 873-9114
  InternetXpress - OneWorkSource 103 Hand Avenue, Suite 1 Elizabethtown  
Jehovah's Witnesses Kingdom Hall Route 9 Lewis 873-6381
K J's Custom Screen Printing 8530 US Route 9 Lewis 873-2999
Kerr's Welding Inc. Burpee Hill Road Lewis 873-9160
Kim's Karpets 8604 US Route 9 Lewis 873-9169
Kinney Drug Store 7550 Court Street Elizabethtown 873-2211
Kristen B. Hardman Interior Design The Woodruff House Elizabethtown 873-6788
Lewis Congregational Church Route 9 Lewis 873-6822
Lewis Fire Department 18 Firehouse Lane Lewis 873-2232
Lewis Sand & Gravel Route 9 Lewis 873-2275
Lewis Town Library 8574 US Route 9 Lewis  
Lewis, Town of 8574 US Route 9 Lewis 873-6777
  • Court, 873-3294
  • Dog Control, 873-6564
  • Garage, 873-6455
  • Highway Department, 873-6777
  • Historian, 873-6798
  • Supervisor Office, 873-6777
  Libraries (others)      
Lincoln Pond   Elizabethtown  
Lincoln Pond Camping & Fishing   Elizabethtown  
Linda Dolly Photography 129 Cobble Hill Lane Elizabethtown 873-2520
Lynne S Clothing Hospital 9077 US Route 9 Lewis 873-2503
  Maple Sugaring      
  Marinas in the Park      
  Marvin's WM Sons (funeral home) Court Street Elizabethtown 873-6713
  Meadowmount School of Music 1424 County Road 10 Lewis 962-2400
  Miniature Golf Courses      
Mountain Lake Service 8229 River Street Elizabethtown 873-2572
Mountain Lake Services 2132 Trout Pond Road Lewis 873-6894
Mt. Fay Fish & Game Club PO Box 97 Lewis 873-2622
Mts Associates LLC 13 Woodruff Lane Elizabethtown 873-2001
Napa Auto Parts 7504 US Route 9 Elizabethtown 873-6634
New York Outdoor News Inc. 553 Roscoe Road Elizabethtown 873-2370
New York State DMV 7559 Court Street Elizabethtown 873-3620
New York State Environmental Conservation Forest Ranger Ranger Hurley Road Lewis 962-4670
New York State Police (non emergency)   Elizabethtown 873-2111
New York State Police Department (non emergency) 702 Stowesville Road Lewis 963-7400
New York State Unified Court 7559 Court Street Elizabethtown 873-3371
New York Transportation Department Highway 7735 Nys Route 9N Elizabethtown 873-2170
Norcon Mitchell Hill Lewis 873-2102
North Countryman/The Burgh 14 Hand Ave Elizabethtown 873-6368
Northern Collision Autobody 473 Stowersville Road Lewis 873-6709
NYCO 70 Lane Lewis 873-9952
One Work Source 103 Hand Ave #1 Elizabethtown 873-2341
  Otis Mountain Press Otis Lane New Russia Elizabethtown 873-2501
  Otis Mountain Music Festival   New Russia 962-8687
  Pack & Paddle Directory      
Pauline Murdock Wildlife Management Area Route 9 Elizabethtown  
Perna, Phyllis Psychologist 107 Hand Street Elizabethtown 962-8884
Pierce's Service Station 707 Stowersville Road Lewis 873-2065
Planned Parenthood 107 Hand Ave  Elizabethtown 873-2039
Pleasant Valley Feeds 3 Water Street Elizabethtown 873-2431
Red Barn Collectibles 42 Maple Street Elizabethtown 873-6431
  Real Estate      
  Relocation Tools      
Robert R. Sweat    Elizabethtown 873-9842
  Rock Climbing      
S.A. Feeley & Son Well Drilling  519=815 Stowersville Road Lewis 873-9885
  Serkill LLC Route 9 Lewis 873-6650
  Shepards Blue Seal Feed 213 Water Street Elizabethtown 873-2431  
  Shopping for Decorations      
  Snow - anything snow related      
  Societies of the Adirondacks      
Split Rock Point - Barn Rock Bay Trails   Elizabethtown  
St. Elizabeth Church 8434 NYS Route 9 Elizabethtown 873-6530
Stepping Stone Pyramids Preschool Court Street Elizabethtown 873-2471
Stewart's Shops 160 Park Street Elizabethtown 873-2438
The Exploring Nature Educational Resource PO Box 84  Elizabethtown 962-4977
The Halfway House 7158 US Route 9 Elizabethtown 873-2198
Towaysinar (small engine repair) 3 Bluff Land Elizabethtown 873-6438
Tree "B" Gone 27 Moss Road Lewis 873-6472
  Turner Agency, Inc. 4 Osawentha Drive Lewis 873-2437
UCC Congregational Church 7580 Court Street Elizabethtown 837-6822
United Church of Christ 7580 Court Street Elizabethtown 873-6822
United Way of the Adirondack Region Hand Ave Elizabethtown 563-0028
Upstate Agency 223 Water Street Elizabethtown 873-2149
US Post Office 190 Water Street Elizabethtown 873-6461
US Post Office 8550 US Route 9 Lewis 873-6704 Corporation 7 Court Street Elizabethtown 873-2518
  Utility Companies      
  Vaughan's Country Store County Route 10/Route 9 Lewis 873-6669
Views Around Essex Trails    Elizabethtown  
Wayne's Gym 212 Water Street Elizabethtown 873-9184
  Whallonsburg Grange Hall 1610 NYS Route 22 Whallonsburg 962-4386
Whallonsburg Volunteer Fire Company 7551 Court Street Elizabethtown  
  Wheelin' and Jake Diehlin'   8198 Route 9 Elizabethtown 524-8541
Wilson Appliance Center & Radio Shack 215 Water Street Elizabethtown 873-9877
Wm Marvin's Sons Inc. (funeral  home) 7521 Court Street Elizabethtown 873-6713



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