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We've been asked and ask, who do we contact to help us build our our Park?   Below are local contractors and builders in the Greater Glens Falls and Lake George Region that visitors and residents may find helpful*.   Please explore.  If you are a local contracting business, and have a service that may help our Internet visitors explore the Adirondack Park, please so we can post your business (free).  May we help you to help others?  We appreciate reciprocal links  Please patronized our businesses.


A       Area Code (518)
  A. David Swinton Logging Equipment 1681 Bay Road Lake George 793-8426

A Home Sweet Home Construction

14 Sherman Ave Corinth 654-7151

A1 Sunrise Construction Company

  Corinth 654-6317
   A & C Construction 120 Tripoli Road Hudson Falls  
  A R H Construction 48 Dream Lake Road Lake George 793-6185

Action-Craft Construction

49 Bukbee Road

Queensbury 743-0160

Adirondack Builders

Windy Peak Bolton Landing 695-5253
  Adirondack Country Log Homes   Ticonderoga 585-7358
  Adirondack Designers & Builders Inc.   Lake George 668-0109
  Adirondack Dream Homes 1851 State Route 9 Lake George 668-9180
  Adirondack Landscaping & Irrigation 111 Stone School House Rd Lake George 668-2146
  Adirondack Roofing   Bolton Landing 644-9670
  Adirondack Timber Homes Route 9 Lake George 361-2477

Aiken Carpentry & Painting

  Chestertown 796-3423

Anchor Construction

126 Sherman Island Road

Queensbury 798-3153
  Anthony Cerrone Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning 119 McCormack Drive Lake George 798-6560
  ARH Construction   Lake George 793-6185

Austin Brothers Construction

  Glens Falls 796-4595

BBB Construction Inc.

16 Old Post Road Lake George 668-3054

B&C Carpentry

416 Lower Main Street Hudson Falls 747-5701

Baker, Harry H.

72 Sisson Road

South Glens Falls 798-6274

Barnes Construction

236 Dixon Road Queensbury 761-0423
  Big Bear Home Repair 236 Valley Woods Road Bolton Landing  
  Biondi Rigging   Corinth 696-4733
  Bogg's Construction   Corinth 654-7392

Britton Explosive Supply Inc.

235 Cronin Road

Queensbury 793-4767
  Brock Contracting   Athol 623-9455
  Burke Brothers Builders 14 Mountain Drive Lake George 668-3054
  C & C Seamless Gutters 25 Amanda Drive Lake George 668-3098
  Caldwell Abstract Title Inc. 175 Ottawa Street Lake George 668-4512
  Carpet Network 94 Middle Road Lake George 668-2588

Catalfamo Construction Company

5 6 Street Hudson Falls 747-6659
  CJL Design Services 58 Helen Street Lake George 800-660-2055

Clear Construction Corp.

35 Sisson Road Glens Falls 793-2071

Clute Enterprises Inc.

13 Dawn Road Queensbury 793-7277
  Connelly's Topnotch Counter Tops 1 McGowan Circle Lake George 668-2398

Country Wide Systems Inc.

Airport Industrial Park Glens Falls 798-5787

Creative Construction Company

Sly Pond Road Fort Ann 792-4213

CRT Construction Company Inc.

53 Luzerne Road

Queensbury 743-1000

Darrah Land Surveying, PLLC

62 Elm Street Glens Falls 798-4692
  D E Contracting Lake George Route, Route 9L Lake George 668-5684
  DeFranco Landscaping & Construction     543-6089
  Devoe, Jerry   Lake George 792-9001

DKC General Engineering Contractors

125 Saratoga Road

Gansevoort 761-6000

DLV Inc.

Fort Edward Road

Fort Edward 745-5040

D G Builders

184 Fort Edward Road

Fort Edward 745-9468

Double LL Electrical Inc.


Dufore Construction LLC


E & W Builders

Landon Hill Road Chestertown 494-2720

Eddy Enterprises Inc.

Bowen Hill Road

Athol 623-2766
  Empire State Plumbing 12 Snyder Road Lake George 668-2657
  Endico Enterprises Llc 3409 State Route 9 Lake George 623-2382

Eric & Eric

State Route 8

Brant Lake 494-3611
  Evergreen Property Management 3014 Lake Shore Drive Lake George 668-4901
  Fine Homebuilders   Bolton Landing 644-2755

Fitzpatrick Construction


Fredette Clifton

Upper Turnpike Road

North Granville 642-0681

Fregoe Construction

149 Middle Road Lake George 668-5204
  Fountain Forestry Inc. 1810 State Route 9 Lake George 668-3237
  French Mountain Log Home LLC 663 State Route 149 Lake George 793-4655

Gallup Builders

High Street Athol 623-3362
  Gold's Lawn & Landscaping 1851 State Route 9 Lake George 668-2769

Gralan Corp

10301 Route 149

Fort Ann 792-3826
  D D Handyman Services 42 Sewell Street, Lot #6 Lake George  
  Healthy Home Development Corp. 22 Northwood Drive Lake George 793-5438
  High Peaks Tree Removal & Snow Removal 2895 Lake Shore Drive Lake George 668-9601

Higgs & Crayford Inc.

131 River Road

Glens Falls



Hilltop Construction Company

51 Crowly Road

Hudson Falls 798-0338

Howland Construction Inc.

7 Iroquois Road

Lake George 668-3185

Hunt Construction Services

Hook Road

Argyle /638-8061

Hurley Dan Electric Company

Garrison Lane

Lake George 668-5807
  J Barnes Construction Design 30 Baldwin Ave Glens Falls  
  Jack Hill's Home Improvement 17 Woodland Drive Gansvoort  
  John A. Winslow, Contractor 163 Canada Street Lake George 668-2554

JND Construction

95 John Street Hudson Falls 744-3590

Kubricky Construction Corp.

237 Bay Road

Glens Falls 792-5864
  Lake George Forestry Inc. 50 Hendrick Street Lake George 668-2623
  Lake George Hardware & Appliances 35 Montcalm Street Lake George 668-5481
  Lake George Park Construction 2997 Lake Shore Road Lake George 668-0006
  Lake George Plumbing & Heating 29 Carefree Lane Lake George 668-3330
  Lake George Sand & Gravel   Lake George 668-2600
  Lake George Title Agency Inc. 161 Ottawa Street Lake George 668-2199
  Lake George Timbercrafted Homes 10 State Route 149 Lake George 5745-1127

Landmark Custom Builders

  Corinth 966-2330

Lindel Construction

96 John Street Hudson Falls 744-3590
  Lt Group 19 Cooper Street Lake George 685-5471

McKernon Group Inc. (also in VT)

176 Ridge Road

Glens Falls



Meticulous Painting & Remodeling

  Glens Falls 854-7168

Mike's Creative Contracting

36 Maple Drive

Queensbury 798-6697

Monroe Contracting LLC

Hook Road

Argle 638-6359

Mountaineer Construction

2249 Call Street

Lake Luzerne 654-6192

MTM Builders

16 Harold Harris Road

Glens Falls 745-5046

Murphy Construction

Vanderwalker Road

Chestertown 494-7146

North Country Custom Carpentry

104 Tuthill Road Queensbury 792-0315
  North Country Engineering PC 1557 State Route 9 Lake George 798-0125
  Northeast States Constructions 66 Cedar Street Queensbury  
  Northern Hardwoods Goggins Road Lake George 668-4501

Northern Fence

218 Redmond Road

Gansevoort 793-3785

Nu View Custom Construction

  Gansevoort 793-8270

Olson, Bob

State Route 8 Brant Lake 494-3068

Ox Yoke Construction

18 Frederick Road

Chestertown 494-7358
  Phoenix Group Contracting  1557 State Route 9 Lake George 793-9393
  Pmh Sewer Corporation 57 In Haven Lane Lake George 688-5341
  Professional Building Inspections P O Box 226 Lakge George 792-9001

Precision Maintenance

  Lake George 747-2530

Proficient Construction

140 Glen Street

Glens Falls 747-2530
  R.A.K. Builders 84 Cortland Street Lake George 361-4717
  R C Construction 504 Howe Road Lake Luzerne  

Raven Industries Inc.

70 McCormack Drive

Lake George 792-9278

Rayno Electric Inc.

41 Thomas Road Glens Falls 793-0724
  Resource Property Management 72 Bloody Pond road Lake George 668-9745

Rich Aluminum Vinyl Siding Inc.

150 Saratoga Road South Glens Falls 792-9000

Rist Construction Company Inc.

Bay Road Lake George 798-1881

Rozell Industries Inc.

145 Park Road Queensbury 793-2634

Sherlock Builders

29 Lafayette Road Hudson Falls 747-4611

Silver Bay Construction Company

  Sabbath Day Point 543-6668

Smart Level Construction

64 Burch Road

Queensbury 747-8310

Speck Construction Company

47 Skara Brae Road Lake George 668-2179

Sperling Construction

  Silver Bay 543-6169

Stanton Fence & Construction

  Fort Ann & Glens Falls 798-6309

Stockman & Sons Construction


Fort Ann & Glens Falls

  Stoneworks by Gary Hubbard    Lake George 222-8704

Sunsoval Inc.

Route 91

Cleverdale 656-9956

Terre Majestic Inc.

959 State Route 9 Queensbury 745-5421
  Thomas W. Brady Furniture Maker Lake Shore Drive Bolton Landing 644-9801

Thomas, Roger & Sons

Hadley Road Stoney Creek 696-3177

Threw, Bill Inc.

369 Big Bay Road

Queensbury 793-3781

Torrington Industries

222 Maple Ave Queensbury 793-9608

Towpath Contractors LLC


Turner Construction Company

32 Saratoga Ave

South Glens Falls 761-9135

V&H Construction Inc.

22 Sullivan Parkway

Fort Edward 746-1520
  Valente Homes Inc. 23 Antigua Road Lake George 668-0300

Veysey Construction

  Glens Falls 792-6344

WW Construction

149 Shippee Road

Corinth 654-9215

Warner Brothers Construction

Riverside Drive

Chestertown 494-7456
  Doug Wholey Excavating   Lake George 644-2225
  Winslow, James A (Excavating) RFD 1 Corinth 654-7461
  Wunder Home Consultants LLC PO Box 467 Lake George 631-9097


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