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 Long Lake - Photography by famous Adirondack Photographer, , Wild Visions Inc., Route 8, Brant Lake, NY - cc


 Raquette Lake - Photography by well-known Adirondack Photographer, Carl Heilman, Wild Visions Inc., Route 8, Brant Lake, NY - cc


Long Lake/Raquette Lake Regional Business Directory

Long Lake: 43°58′22″N 74°25′16″W   Raquette Lake:  43°48′47″N 74°39′27″W 


Please explore our of local business vendors in the Long Lake/Raquette Lake Region, here in beautiful Central Adirondacks.  Raquette Lake is actually a hamlet of Long Lake in the very heart (geographic center) of the Adirondacks.  This area can offer you an plethora of activities from boating, camping, fishing in our clean lakes and hiking our many mountains.  Raquette Lake has 99 miles of shoreline, and Long Lake is 14 miles long!  Wow! Power boaters will be sure to enjoy these two lakes.   Also nearby is the William C. Whitney Wilderness Area for paddlers.   Enjoy our shops, the many tours as well. 


The Town of Long Lake maintains skating rinks at Mt. Sabattis Recreational Area and on Raquette Lake.   Snowmobilers will find trails in Long and Raquette Lake with connections to Newcomb, Old Forge/Inlet and Hamilton Country trail systems.   The Town of Long Lake includes hamlet communities of Hasbrouchs and abandoned Sabattis.  Long Lake boasts geographic features such as Beaver River flowing into Lake Lila, Lake Eaton, Lows Lake in Sabbitis, Round Lake and of course the beautiful 14 mile motorized Long Lake.   Raquette Lake also enjoys wonderful features such as Long Point, Outlet Bay, and Indian Point, as well as nearby lakes of Brandreth Lake, Catlin Lake, Forked Lake, Little Forked Lake, Nehasane Lake and Little Tupper Lake.  Raquette Lake is the 4th largest lake in the Adirondacks!


A little history on Long Lake, Mitchell Sabattis (1823-1906) was an Abenaki Indian and one of the most famous of Adirondack guides.  Make your own history and keep the Adirondack's in your heart all year long.  Special events like "Frozen Fire & Lights" is held in February, and the "Arts in the Park" Craft Fair in July, as well as "Sunsets by the Lake" Summer Concert Series.  Wonderful accommodations, and events are waiting for you (horseback tour, golfing, winter carnival, antique snowmobile exhibit, fiddle jam, bass tournament, art shows, and independent day weekends, etc.)


If you are a local business, and have a service that may help our Internet visitors explore the Adirondack Park, please so we can post your business (FREE).  By sharing, we better our world.  Thank you.  We appreciate reciprocal links  Please patronized our Long Lake and Raquette lake businesses.


A       AREA CODE 518
  Adam's Plumbing & Heating Deerland Road Long Lake 518-624-5310
  Adam's Wood Shop   Long Lake 518-624-2521
  Adilaska Klondike Collie Kennel Clement Road Long Lake 518-624-2040
  AdirondackAvianExpeditions   Long Lake 518-624-5528
  Adirondack Basket Case   Long Lake 518-624-2501
  Adirondack Blarney Store   Long Lake 518-624-5366
  Adirondack Boatworks   Long Lake 518-624-3921
  Adirondack Haf-Acres Horse Service   Long Lake 518-624-6741
  Adirondack Hot Tubs   Big Moose Lake 800-966-3882
  Adirondack Lakes Center for the Arts     518-352-7715
Adirondack Museum Blue Mountain Lake 518-352-7311
  Adirondack Outfitters & Hardware Route 30 Long Lake 518-624-5998
  Adirondack Neuropsychology Services   Long Lake 624-3346
  Adirondack Saddle Tours     357-4499
  Adirondack Scenic Railroad @ Thendara Route 28 Old Forge 800-819-2291
  Art Center/Old Forge   Old Forge 315-369-6411
  Arsenault Enterprises Inc. Tupper Road Long Lake 518-624-2178
  Austin Guide Boats   Long Lake 518-624-3895
  Avon Sales P.O. Box 202 Long Lake 518-624-3661
  Axinn Building & Carpentry Inc. North Point Road Long Lake 518-624-3889
  Axinn Knives   Long Lake 518-624-3889
  Baker Electrical Lake Street Long Lake  
  Bear Path Hot Tubs   Long Lake 518-624-2481
  Bear Stings   Long Lake 518-624-2056
  Big Moose Chapel   Big Moose 315-357-2482
  Big Moose Lake Tours   Big Moose 315-357-3532
  Bird's Marina   Raquette Lake 315-354-4411
  Bissell's Custom Sawing Endion Road Long Lake 518-624-2307
  Blue Mountain Lake Fire Dept & Ambulance   Blue Mountain 351-352-7711
  Blue Mountain Livery   Blue Mountain 518-352-7351
  Bookman Rustic Furniture Clement Road Long Lake 518-624-6015
  Brian Farr Landscaping & Excavating Newcomb Road Long Lake 518-624-3892
  Brown Pelican Tanning Salon Newcomb Road Long Lake 518-624-2300
  Buck Mtn. Contractors Kickerville Road Long Lake 518-624-6941
  Burke's Marina   Raquette Lake 315-354-4623
  Buttercup Yarn & Wood Shop Kickerville Road Long Lake 518-624-2521
  Calvary United Methodist Church   Long Lake 518-582-2421
  Camp Hillary Canoes   Long Lake 518-624-2233
  Camp Hillary Reiki   Long Lake 518-624-2233
  Camp Hiliary Ice Cream Stand   Long Lake 518-624-2233
  Chambers (other local chambers)      
  Charter One Bank Lake Street Long Lake 518-624-5161
  Chax Knives   Long Lake 518-624-3889
  Church of the Good Sheppard St Huberts Island Raquette Lake  
  Church of Transfiguration Episcopal   Blue Mountain 518-648-5471
  Cold River Gallery & Woodwork Deerland Road Long Lake 518-624-3581
  Computer Clinic Kickerville Road Long Lake 518-624-6950
  Citizens Bank   Long Lake 518-624-5711
  Crummy Carvers   Long Lake 518-624-3889
  Culture & Societies      
  Cyber Creek Internet Café (Behind Hoss's Store) Long Lake 518-624-6466
  Demars Carpet Shop Rice Road Long Lake 518-624-6311
  Diane's Lawn Care Service   Long Lake 518-624-4223
  Doedogg Designs Walker Road Long Lake 518-624-2189
  Don Keller Excavation/Construction Lake Street Long Lake 518-624-5141
  Don's Small Engine Repair   Long Lake 518-624-2134
  Donnelly Logging & Pulpwood North Point Road Long Lake 518-624-6551
  Dream Horse Stable Kickerville Road Long Lake 518-624-2346
  Duck Cove Antiques, Etc.   Raquette Lake 518-354-4052
  End of the Line Caboose Gift Shop Pier I Raquette Lake 315-354-5532
  Farr's Laundromat & Showers   Long Lake 518-624-3892
  Fern Park (X-cty, skating)   Inlet 866-GOINLET
  Fire Towers      
  Forest Industrial Exhibit Hall   Old Forge 315-369-3078
  Fun Spots      
  Gagnier Excavating Town Dock Road Long Lake 518-624-5141
  Great Camp Sagamore   Raquette Lake 315-354-5311
  Guidehouse Enterprises Deerland Road Long Lake 518-624-5599
  Harvey Travel   Long Lake 518-624-6432
  Helms Aero Service Lake Street Long Lake 518-624-3931
  Helms Village Store Route 30 Long Lake 518-624-3566
Hoffman Small Engine Repair Long Lake 518-624-2134
Hoss's Adirondack Christmas Shop 247 Lake Street Long Lake 518-624-2481
  Hoss's Country Corner Lake Street Long Lake 800-952-HOSS
  High Springs Photography & Framing Long Point Road Long Lake 518-624-4706
  Hospital & Health Centers      
  Inlet Golf Club   Inlet 315-357-3503
  Inlet Public Library   Inlet 315-357-6494
  Iron Bridge Gallery Deerland Road Long Lake 518-624-3337
  Jennings Insurance Company Lake Street Long Lake 518-624-3661
  Keller Enterprises (furnishings, gifts)   Long Lake 518-524-5141
  Keller's Enterprises - Stumps & Twigs Lake Street Long Lake 518-624-5141
  Keller Excavating   Long Lake 518-524-5141
  Kickerville Station Mini Mart Route 30 Long Lake 518-624-2178
  Lake Street Shop   Long Lake 518-624-4700
  Lakeside Knoshery P.O. Box 687 Long Lake 518-624-3911
  Lamphear Electric Plumbing & Caretaking   Raquette Lake 315-357-5208
  LaPlant's Garage Tupper Road Long Lake 518-624-6831
  Lew Harrington (guide)   Raquette Lake 518-354-5450
  Linda's Perennials Newcomb Road Long Lake 518-624-4718
  Long Lake (contour map)      
  Long Lake Boat Tours Lake Road   518-624-3911
  Long Lake Camp for the Arts   Long Lake 800-767-7111
  Long Lake Electric   Long Lake 518-624-2346
  Long Lake Fire Dept & Ambulance Services   Long Lake 518-624-3900
Long Lake Laundromat Long Lake 518-624-3892
  Long Lake Library   Long Lake 518-624-3825
  Long Lake Marina Lake Street Long Lake 518-624-2266
  Long Lake Medical Building   Long Lake 518-624-2301
  Long Lake Parks, Recreation & Tourism Dept. (map of Long) Box 496 Long Lake  
  Long Lake Public Library   Long Lake 518-624-3825
  Long Lake & Raquette Lake Parks Recreation & Tourism   Long Lake 518-624-3077
  Long Lake Snowmobile Trail Conditions   Long Lake 518-624-3077
  Long Lake Snowmobile (map) PO Box 496 Long Lake 518-624-3077
  Long Lake, Town of






  • Supervisor, 518-624-3088
  • Justice (Raquette Lake) 518-354-5810
  • Justice (Long Lake) 518-624-3761
  • Highway Dept. 518-624-8933
  • Parks Dept., 518-624-3882
  • Animal Control, 518-624-2134
  • Zoning/Code Enforcement, 518-624-2009
  Long Lake Wine & Spirits Newcomb Road Long Lake 518-624-4363
  M. Bozak & Sons (auto repair) Newcomb Road Long Lake 518-624-2311
  Mail Boat Tours Route 28 Raquette Lake 315-354-4441
  Maple Tree Excavating Deerland Road Long Lake 518-624-5231
  Marge's Monograms Tupper Road Long Lake 518-624-3860
  Mary Kay Cosmetics   Long Lake 518-624-5510
  Mason Smith Boat Builder North Point Road Long Lake 518-624-6398
  McCauley Mountain Ski Mountain   Old Forge 315-360-3225
  Minerals Unlimited Deerland Road Long Lake 518-624-4400
  Moonlighters Snowmobile Club PO Box 515 Long Lake 518-354-4581
  North Country Images & Gallery   Long Lake  
  Northern Borne Groceries Lake Road Long Lake 518-624-3271
  O'Brien Carpentry & Caretaking Kickerville Road Long Lake 518-624-2150
  Old Forge Lake Cruises Route 28 Old Forge 315-369-6473
  Paradise Pastry 247 Lake Street #3 Long Lake 518-624-3352
  Paul Rasmussen Builder Newcomb Road Long Lake 518-624-5372
  Paul's TV Repair Tupper Road Long Lake  
  Pohl Construction   Raquette Lake 315-354-5532
  Pond Side Studio   Long Lake 518-624-6949
  Raquette Lake (contour map)      
  Raquette Lake Chapel   Raquette Lake 315-357-2961
  Raquette Lake Fire Department   Raquette Lake 315-354-4228
  Raquette Lake Library   Raquette Lake 315-354-4005
  Raquette Lake Navigation (cruise & dine) Route 28 Raquette Lake 315-354-5532
  Raquette Lake Supply (specialty shop)   Raquette Lake 315-354-2133
  Raquette Lake Public Library   Raquette Lake 315-354-4005
  Raquette River Weaver Heathfield Park Road Long Lake 518-624-2133
  Raquette Lake Supply-Propane & Fuel Oil Main Street Raquette Lake 315-354-4301
  Raquetteers Snowmobile Club   Long Lake 518-624-4700
  Real Estate      
  Reflections   Long Lake 518-624-2233
  Rita's Cakes Deerland Road Long Lake 518-624-5421
  Rock Climbing      
  Rock Shop Minerals Unlimited   Long Lake 518-624-5825
  Rustic Furniture by Bruce Vickerson Near the Catholic Church Raquette Lake  
  St. Henry's Catholic Church   Long Lake 518-582-3671
  St. William's (Church)   Raquette Lake 315-354-2811
  St. William's on Long Point (Church)   Raquette Lake 315-354-4264
  St. Paul's Catholic Church   Blue Mountain 518-648-5422
  Societies and Organizations      
  Stewart's - Long Lake Newcomb Road Long Lake 518-624-4796
  Shear Images Sagamore Road Long Lake 518-624-2563
  Spinning Wheel Deerland Road Long Lake 518-624-4133
  Terry's Gun Shop Lake Street Long Lake 518-624-2174
  Thompson Forestry Consultant   Long Lake  
  Tough Dock Construction   Raquette Lake 315-354-5532
  Town of Webb Historical Association   Webb 315-369-3838
  Town of Webb Medical Center   Old Forge 315-369-6619
  Trading Post   Long Lake 518-624-4822
  United Methodist Church   Long Lake 518-624-2411
  Utility Companies      
  Waldron Carpentry   Raquette Lake 315-354-5787
  Wallace Contracting Kickerville Road Long Lake 518-624-5510
  Water Safari Enchanted Forest Route 28 Old Forge 315-369-6147
  Wesleyan Methodist Church   Long Lake 518-624-2411
  Whitney Industries LLC 2179 Tupper Rd. Long Lake 518-624-2581
  Wide River Antiques   Long Lake 518-624-4749
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