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The small town of Minerva was name after the Goddess of Wisdom and lies in Essex County.  It was first settled in 1804 from parts of Schroon and Newcomb.  History tells us that Winslow Homer visited in Minerva on summers, and Solomon Northup (a freed African American, who wrote his book and adapted for PBS TV in "Gordon Park's") was born and attended local schools in Minerva.  Minerva has hamlets of Boreas River, Irishtown, Loch Muller, Moose Pond Club, Northwood Club, Olmstedville, Leonardsville, Pudding Hollow and Stillwater.  Minerva hosts many lakes and Ponds (Minerva Lake, Moose Pond, Mink Lake, Hewitt Pond, Chain Lakes, Lake Balfour, and 15 miles of Boreas River and Hudson River).


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A       Area Code 518
  Accommodations (other)      
  Adirondacks Bookkeeping Plus 1409 County Route 29 Olmstedville 251-0891
  Adirondack Canoe Company 1718 State Route 28N Minerva 251-2283

Adirondack Mountain

& Stream Guide Service

62 Hardscrabble Road



  Alpine Homestead B&B 1314 Country Route 29 Olmstedville 251-4697
  Andy McNally Excavating & Timber Harvesting 203 West Road Olmstedville 251-5652









Baptist Parsonage

State Route 28N



  Betty's Funny Farm & B&B (on-line crafts) 616 14th Road Minerva 251-2929



Board'n Batten Antiques

1447 County Route 29



  Boreas River Campsite (free) south of the river Minerva  


  Calico Corner 11 McKee Road Minerva 251-4161

Camp Baco & Camp Che-na-wah

2723 State Route 28N




  Canoe Routes:      
  • Alligator Pond - off Long's Hill Road & Healey Road
  • Boreas River @ Rt. 28N Bridge
  • Huntley Pond
  • Minerva Stream @ Irishtown O'Neil Bridge
  • Minerva Stream @ Bridge on Morse Memorial Highway
  • Minerva Stream @ Olmstedville Dam
  • Rankin Pond

Chamber of Commerce

  Cheney Pond Road - Minerva Stream Trail   Minerva  
Christine's Salon 65 Donnelly Road Olmstedville 251-5611
Community Power Network of New York State Inc. PO Box 46 Olmstedville 251-2525

Contractors (others)

Creative Landscaping 8 Trout Brook Road Minerva 251-5116

Culture & Societies


  Darlene's Beauty Shop 1823 State Route 28N Minerva 251-5172


  Deer Creek 1743 State Route 28 Minerva  
  Diana's Day Care 56 Donnelly Road Olmstedville 251-2832

Dining (other)


Directions to the Mountain

  Donnelly Beach - Minerva Campground Beach Road Minerva  


  Easy Back (canoe seats) 1743 State Route 28N Minerva 251-2283
  Elegant Angles LLC (tree service) 46 Wilson Road Minerva 361-9783
  Elevated Auto Detailing 318 Morse Memorial Hwy Omstedville  

Elizabeth Marshall Home

Decor & Gifts for All Occasions

11 McKee Road




Energy Healing Center for the Adirondacks

1385 Country Route 29




  14th Road Trail 14th Road Minerva  
  Fall Brook Yurts Route 28N Minerva 761-6187

Farmer's Market

  Feiden's Firewood 1245 County Route 29 Olmstedville 251-3827
  First Baptist Church of Minerva Route 28N & Cty. Rt 30 Minerva 251-3656
  First Impression Stitching/Sportswear 53 Trout Brook Road Olmstedville 251-4025







Golf in the Park

  Grace Bible Fellowship 1427 North Gore Road Olmstedville 251-3290
  Greg's Barbershop 26 Cable Access Way Minerva 251-5535
  Griffen's Satellite Service 1423 State Route 28N Minerva 251-2147




  Happy Homes Remodeling 633 14th Road Minerva 251-5921


Hiking Trails:
  • 14th Road to Hudson River
  • Moxham Mtn. Trailhead - 14th Rd.
  • Blue Ledges Trail (on North Woods Club Rd. & Huntley Pond)
  • Boreas Loop & Hewitt Eddy Loop along Stony Pond Brook (north of Aiden Lair via Hewitt Eddy to Boreas River @ Rt. 28N
  • Cheney Pond to Irishtown via Lester Flow
  • Forest Trail or Fire Road off Rt.. 28 (marker 1202 & 1136)
  • Hewitt Lake Trailhead, Hewitt Rd., (to Little & Big Sherman Ponds)
  • Irishtown Trailhead along Falls Brook to John Brannon Rd.
  • Linsey Marsh Trailhead (off Rt. 28N
  • Minerva Lake Trails
  • Rankin Pond Trail - off Rt. 28N
  • Stony Pond Trail (off Rt. 28N to Stony Pond to Irishtown)
  • Vanderwhacker Mountain Trailhead to Fire Tower
Hoffman Mountain Farmstead 67 Burritt Lane Olmstedville
Hornbeck Boats 131 Trout Brook Road Olmstedville 251-2764

Hospitals & Clinics


  Irish Hills Loop Trail   Minerva 251-2299
  It's About Thyme Farm 32 Smith Road Olmstedville 251-5297


  Jack's Sharpening for Chain Saws 87 Donnelly Road Olmstedville 251-2143
  John William Contracting PO Box 62 Olmstedville 251-3879


  K & K Repairs (auto & Tractor mechanic) 335 Morse Memorial Highway Olmstedville 251-2582


  Lil's Nony's Bakery 1385 Country Route 28 Olmstedville 251-2289


  Maple Knoll Farm 784 14th Road Minerva 251-5141

Marinas in the Park

  Mark Mitchell Logging PO Box 61 Olmstedville 251-2840
  McNally Excavating & Timber Harvesting 203 West Road Olmstedville 251-5652
  McNally Enterprises LLC 1141 County Route 29 Olmstedville 251-3719
  Mel Mac Building Corp. (snowplowing) PO Box 81 Minerva 251-2657
  Michael Enellanoff Tree Surgeon 46 Wilson Road Minerva 251-3936
  Minerva Baptist Church 15 Morse Memorial Highway Minerva 251-4294
  Minerva Central School 1466 County Route 29 Minerva 251-2000
  Minerva Central School Bus Garage 1466 County Route 29 Minerva 251-3592
  Minerva Concession Stand 68 Beach Road Minerva 251-3991
  Minerva Historical Society - Museum PO Box 1 Olmstedville 251-2229
  Minerva Inn 1692 State Route 28N Minerva 203-613-5546
  Minerva Lake Campground PO Box 937, Schoolhouse 1842 Minerva 251-2869
  Minerva Lake Public Beach   Minerva  
  Minerva Loop Trail   Minerva  
  Minerva Senior Center 5 Morse Memorial Highway Minerva 251-2510
  Minerva Service Organization PO Box 922 Olmstedville  
  Minerva Snow Travelers PO Box 25 Minerva 251-4025
  Minerva, Town of Morse Memorial Highway, PO Box 937 Minerva 251-2869
  • Town Hall, 251-2869
  • Minerva Lake Town Beach, 251-3333
  • Transfer Station, 251-2743
  • Senior Meal Site, 251-2510
  • Supervisor, 866-210-2694
  • Highway Department, 251-3373
  Minerva Volunteer Fire Dept. & Rescue Squad Station (non emergency) Minerva 251-3041
  Morningside Camps & Cottages 67 Long's Hill Road Minerva 251-2694
  Mommy & Pop's General Store 1688 State Route 28N Minerva 251-3355

Morningside Sugarbush &

Mountain Express (cleaning & concierge services

64 Plumley Way



  Morse Auto body Service 1393 State Route 28N Minerva 251-2786
  Mountain Niche Antiques (Seasonal) 2143 State Route 28N Minerva 251-2566




  Nathan Davis Construction   Minerva 251-2746
  Never Stop Cairn Stone Design (stone sculpture) 644 Church Road Minerva 251-2037


  O'Brien Construction 1251 Trout Brook Road Olmstedville 532-9283
  Olmstedville Fire Department (non-emergency) Route 28N Olmstedville 251-3041
  Olmstedville Fire House  non emergency) Olmstedville 251-3380


  Planet Minerva PO Box 34 Olmstedville 251-5838
  Pratt Trucking & Excavating 1709 State Route 29 Minerva 251-2643






  Real Estate      

Rock Climbing


Rocky Acres B&B & Camping &

Seamstress  & B&B

1094 Trout Brook Road



  Ronsan Enterprises (handymay) PO Box 185 Olmstedville 251-3534



St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church

639 Church Street Olmstedville



Seventh Day Adventists

465 Bird Pond Road



Sleeping Giant Construction LLC 129 Morse Memorial  Highway Olmstedville 251-4630
Sleeping Giants Seniors PO Box 11 Minerva 251-2537




  Snowmobiling Routes:      
  • Off Irishtown Rd. to Cheney Pond Rd. (goes N. to Cheney Pond via Lester Flow then Blue Ridge Rd.)
  • Off John Brannon Rd. - goes to old iron mines trail to Sherman Pond, Stony Pond & lean-to, St. Hwy 28N and Hewit Pond
  • Off Trout Brook Rd, beyond Hornbeck Boats and re-entering before Ramsey Bridge
  • Off Wamsley Road to Charlie Hill Rd. Schroon Lake

Societies & Organization



  Sullivan's Store 1396 County Route 29 Olmstedville 251-4017
  Susan Bomer Catering 365 Hard Scrabble Road Olmstedville 251-3622
  Sweet Home Pottery 608 Morse Memorial Highway Olmstedville  


  The Alpine Homestead B&B 114 County Route 29 Olmstedville 251-4697
  The Kitchen at Sporty's Duke Saloon & Cabins 1723 State Route 28N Minerva 251-5260
  The Owl at Twilight 1322 County Route 29 Olmstedville 251-4696
  The Stand @ Minerva Beach (seasonal)   Minerva  
  Tom O'Brien Construction 1252 Trout Brook Road Olmstedville 532-9283
  Top of the Hill Construction 2216 State Route 28N Minerva 251-0116
  Tucker and Sons Trucking & Excavation 1599 State Route 28N Minerva 251-0155


U.S. Post Office 164 Trout Brook Road Olmstedville 251-3912
  U.S. Post Office 1709 State Route 28N Minerva 251-2643


  Vanderwacker Mountain   Minerva  

Veren Services, Inc.

164 Trout Brook Road



  Vinnie Leddick (Acoustic Guitar & Vocals) 1550 Country Route 28 Olmstedville 251-3537


  Wallace, Don (stone mason & light machinng) 12 Sawmill Way Minerva 251-2815


  Whistle Pig Farm 1226 Hoffman Road Olmstedville  
  Window on the Woods (non-profit) 1752 State Route 28N Minerva  
  Wrap City 'N Glue 62 Hardscrabble Road Olmstedville 251-3762


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