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Schuyler Falls was named after Peter Schuyler who bought the mill on the Salmon River.  Schuyler Falls includes the hamlets of:  Morrisonville, Rock Corners, Fanlon Corners and Woods Mill.   The town enjoys the Macomb Reservation State Park and Salmon River which flows through the town.  Both communities enjoy the nearby city of Plattsburgh for more culture, shopping, health care and more.   Underlined postings include hyper link for your convenience.    If you are a local business, and have a service or product that may help our Internet visitors explore the Adirondack Park, please so we can post your business (FREE of charge).  We appreciate reciprocal links! Listings posted with an are "Facebook" friendly.  Please patronized our businesses.



A       Area Code 518
A D Wayne General Contracting 8 Pinebrook Drive Morrisonville 523-3434
A Headstart Daycare 244 Staley Road Morrisonville 643-0986
A Taste of the Adirondacks 35 Rosbo Lane Morrisonville 561-6706
Adirondack Appraisal Services 191 Porter Road Morrisonville 573-6446
Adirondack Chimney Service 191 Porter Road Morrisonville 566-7446
Adirondack Dermatology PC 1753 State Route 3 Morrisonville 563-7546
Adirondack Global Logistics PO Box 207 Schuyler Falls 307-1652
Adirondack Karate & Self-Defense 1474 Peasleeville Road Schuyer Falls 643-7816
Adirondack Locksmith PO Box 36 Morrisonville 563-3299
Adirondack Wilderness Challenge 516 Norrisville Road Schuyler Falls 643-7188
Advantage Custodial Services 172 Rand Hill Morrisonville 563-5388
Advantage Custodial Services 172 Rand Hill Morrisonville 563-5388
Ad-Wayne General Contracting 210 Trim Road Morrisonville 561-9733
Affordable Dental & Health 1309 Rand Hill Road Morrisonville 800-221-8769
Affordable Painting Plus 9 Strackville Road Schuyler Falls 643-0853
Agoney's Vegetables 3 Irene Avenue Morrisonville 293-7877
Aird Dorrance Inc. 202 Kent Falls Road Morrisonville 563-4916
All About Heating 295 Ore Bed Road Schuyler Falls 570-7941
American Legion 219 Rand Hill Road Morrisonville  563-3452
Amikorika Inc. (Computer Repair) Corner Route 22 & Flat Rock Road Morrisonville 563-6725
Apostolic Light House 1686 Route 22B Morrisonville 563-6725
Apostolic Light House 1737 Route 22b Morrisonville 563-3846
Apple Valley Hydraulics 1299 State Route 22b Morrisonville 643-0653
Atkinson Scrap Metal 1293 State Route 22 Morrisonville 643-2749
Atkinson's Leasing & Management Company 1059 Mason Street Morrisonville 561-5637
  Auto Services of Plattsburgh      
  Banking & Money Handlers      
Bedard Construction/Stoneybrook Construction 1803 Peasleeville Road Schuyler Falls 643-2512
B Secure Security Mgt Company PO Box 1035 Morrisonville 593-5097
Bill's Mini Mart 2998 State Route 22B Morrisonville 561-8500
Bob's Electric Tool Repair 1059 Mason Street Morrisonville 561-5637
Bouyer, Carl  Excavator PO Box 280 Morrisonville 561-7998
Brothers Quality Construction 409 Soper Street Morrisonville 643-2672
Brown's Funeral Home Inc. Park Row & Goddeau Road Morrisonville 293-8574
Casella 286 Sand Road Morrisonville 888-485-1469
  Chambers of Commerce      
  Churches of the North Country      
Clinton County Fair 286 Sand Road, Box 209 Morrisonville 561-7956
Clinton County Landfill 216 Rand Hill Road Morrisonville 561-8049
Coast to Coast Mortgage 28 Roxie Lane Morrisonville 643-6708
Cocktails 42 River Street Morrisonville 561-7322
Colver's Small Engine Works 27 Pine Ridge Drive Morrisonville 561-7837
Cronin Realty 16 Pine Ridge Road Morrisonville 563-5475
Cobane Roderick Land Surveyor 1700 Guide Board Road Schuyler Falls 800-640-5263
Don S Firewood Potato Farm 254 Norrisville Road Schuyler Falls 643-2055
Doyle Sailmakers 1254 Rand Road Morrisonville 563-7128
Driver Education Training Institute Inc. 823 Mason Street Morrisonville 562-8675
Dutilly R. Douglas Roofing Contractors 135 Strackville Road Schuyler Falls 643-8841
Earnest, Kenneth, CPA 942 Mason Street Morrisonville 561-3577
Earth Waste Systems 1398 State Route 3 Morrisonville 563-8722
Empire State Mobile Homes 192 Porter Road Morrisonville 572-5285
Extra Space Self Storage Route 22B Schuyler Falls 643-2271
  46er Mountain Directory      
  Family Fun      
  Farmer's Markets      
Fine Oil Company 456 Soper Street Morrisonville 643-0006
Fundraising Jolly Good 17 Bracken Road Morrisonville 561-3733
Giarro Family Restaurant 1928 State Route 22B Morrisonville 561-7578
Guynup Electrical Service 636 Peasleeville Schuyler Falls 643-8879
Hagar Johanne Beauty  477 Mason Street Morrisonville 561-0976
Hello Gorgeous 1800 Peasleeville Road Schuyer Falls 962-4519
Hid-In-Pines Vineyard 823 Mason Street Morrisonville 563-1962
Hudson Valley Auto Appraisers of Plattsburgh 14 Rickson Street Morrisonville  
J & D Milling & Wood Products Inc. PO Box 584 Morrisonville  
Jrs. Auto Repair & Welding 14 Rickson Street Morrisonville 888-833-2772
Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses 1595 Route 22B Morrisonville 643-0961
Knights of Columbus Emory Street Morrisonville 563-3288
Lake City DJ Service 933 Norrisville Road Schuyler Falls 643-8515
LaMoy Produce & Greenhouse 1595 State Route 22b Morrisonville 562-2845
Langlois School of Dance 18 Ilene Drive Morrisonville 566-0256
Light House Properties 912 Mason Street Morrisonville 516-0309
Lucky's Mini Mart Main Street Morrisonville 561-8500
M and M Country Store 933 Norrisville Road Schuyler Falls 643-7134
Macomb Reservation Campground 201 Campsite Road Schuyler Falls 643-9952
Macomb Reservation State Park 516 Morrisville Road Schuyler Falls 800-456-CAMP
  Maple Sugaring      
Marci Excavation Company 286 Sand Road Morrisonville 562-2845
  Marinas in the Park      
Martin & Sons Auction Sales & Service 1056 Mason Street Morrisonville 563-0890
  Miniature Golf Courses      
Moments to Remember Photography 880 Peasleeville Road Schuyler Falls 578-8398
Mountain View Auto Sales 1769 Guide Board Road Schuyler Falls 643-9670
Morrisonville-Schuyler Falls Volunteer Ambulance Service Inc. 21 Banker Road Morrisonville 563-6402
Morrisonville Community Church 1944 State Route 22B Morrisonville 563-9739
Morrisonville Construction Inc. 1056 Mason Street Morrisonville 563-0890
Morrisonville Elementary School 47 Sand Road Morrisonville 565-5980
Morrisonville Septic LLC 123 Rabideau Street Cadyville 293-6680
Nephew Insurance Agency 44 Fawn Ridge Morrisonville 563-4775
New England Waste Serivces 286 Sand Road Morrisonville 562-8632
New York Dept. of Environmeal Conservation 540 Norrisville Road Schuyler Falls 643-5603
New York State Children & Family Services Office 518 Norrisville Road Schuyler Falls 643-9444
North Country Engineering & Planning  3 Ilene Drive Morrisonville 563-4701
Northwind Tree Farm 1155 Guide Board Road Schuyler Falls 647-5539
Northern Adirondack Rustic Design 680 Rand Road Morrisonville 877-561-9508
Northern Adjustment Bureau   Morrisonville 561-7283
Northern Blacktop   Morrisonville 561-7305
Novatec 872 Rand Hill Road Morrison 562-2884
Ormsby's Well Drilling Company State Route 22B Schuyler Falls 643-2561
  Pack & Paddle Directory      
Painter's Plus 1101 Jersey Swamp Road Morrisonville 566-6960
Peacock Music 170 The Ninety Road Morrisonville 561-0555
Petreahune, Mark, Surveyor 286 Sand Ave, PO Box 209 Morrisonville 563-5514
Pipsqueak's Party Time 34 Rosbo Lane Morrisonville 569-8304
Provost Trucking & Blacktopping 678 General Leroy Manor Road Morrisonville 563-6421
R.M.G. Enterprises   Morrisonville 578-0725
Recycling New England Waste Services 1959 State Route 22b Morrisonville 563-4203
  Relocation Tools      
Red Barn Auto 1959 State Route 22b Morrisonville 563-9160
Rick's Auto Sales 111 Mason Street Morrisonville 563-9160
  Rock Climbing      
Rock's Grocery Store 959 Route 22b Schuyler Falls 643-8028
Rockerick Rock Senior Housing 2025 State Route 22b Morrisonville 563-5514
Sally's Grocery Mason Street Morrisonville 561-1129
Schuyler Falls Convenience Station 286 Sand Road Morrisonville  
Schuyler Falls Court Mason Street Morrisonville 563-9066
Schuyler Falls Town Clerk Mason Street Morrisonville 561-3193
Schuyler Falls Town Highway Department Mason Street Morrisonville 563-1129
Schuyler Falls, Town Historian 997 Mason Street Morrisonville 563-1129
Schuyler Falls Town Offices 563 Shingle Street Morrisonville 643-2731
Seo Marketing Services LLC 16 Fair Grounds Road Morrisonville 561-2241
Seymour's Awards Gifts & Collectibles 5 Grace Street Morrisonvile 420-6480
Shingle Street Sand & Septic 222 Mason Street Morrisonville 561-2955
Shur Wee Car 27 Broadwell Road Morrisonville 563-2876
Sound Explosion Karaoke & DJ Service 409 Soper Street Morrisonville 572-7902
Spotless Janitorial 7 Maple Street Morrisonville 563-4557
SRK Home Improvement   Morrisonville 561-5039
St. Alexander's Church 1 Church Street Morrisonville 561-7560
Stone's Smoke House & Meat Market 67 Rabideau Street Morrisonville 293-7303
Sweenor, Alfred PE 394 Soper Street Morrisonville 643-0658
Tamarack Stables 139 Rand Hill Road Morrisonville 562-4622
TanHon Home Farm 23 Denton Road Schuyler Falls 643-8831
Threefold Janitorial Services 43 Campsite Schuyler Falls 561-0206
Town of Blackbrook Assessor Norrisville Road Schuyler Falls 647-5411
Town of Blackbrook Dog Control Officer   Schuyler Falls 536-0047 
Town of Plattsburgh Bingo Inspector  Hendrix Road Morrisonville 562-6887
Town of Plattsburgh Historian 22 Cemetery Road Morrisonville 562-6883
Town of Plattsburgh Superintendent of Highways 3 Nut Hatch Lane Morrisonville 562-6813
Town of Plattsburgh Supervisor 997 Mason Street, PO Box 99 Morrisonville 563-1129
Town of Schuyler Falls 41 Austin Road Morrisonville 643-7156
Town of Schuyler Falls Dog Control Officer PO Box 207 Morrisonville 563-1112
Town of Schuyler Falls Fire Department  (non emergency)  837 Shingle Street Morrisonville 563--0011
Town of Schuyler Falls Highway Superintendent 997 Mason Street, PO Box 99 Morrisonville 563-1129
Town of Schuyler Falls Historian PO Box 71 Morrisonville 563-9066
Town of Schuyler Falls Town Clerk & Tax Collector 1674 Route 22B Morrisonville 563-0966
Town of Schuyler Falls Water Maintenance 23 Eldric Avenue Morrisonville 563-2542
Town of Schuyler Falls Youth Director   Morrisonville 561-3650
Tracy Trombley Construction 149 Flat Road Road Morrisonville 562-2168
Trim's Auto Body & Collision Center 291 Rand Hill Road Morrisonville 800-833-8000
Twinstate-Voice-Data-Video 1923 Route 22B Morrisonville 563-9395
Two-Waters Farm 1474 Peasleeville Road Schuyler Falls 643-7816
Trombley's Custom Woodworking 465 Ore Bed Road Schuyler Falls 643-2209
US Post Office 954 State Route 22b Schuyler Falls 643-6675
US Post Office 1934 State Route 22b Morrisonville 643-8675
Under One Roof (Video) 1934 State Route 22b Morrisonville 561-7496
  Value Creation Group LLC 6 Shane Ave Morrisonville 536-2383
VP Supply 202 Kent Falls Road Morrisonville 563-4916
Whiskey River Trading Company 970 State Route 22b Schuyler Falls 643-2150
Windrift Outfitters Ltd 749 Norrisville Road Schuyler Falls 643-9418
Windy Meadows Farm B&B   Morrisonville  561-3452
Witt Construction 301 Peasleeville Road Schuyler Falls 643-2382
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