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Rouses Point NY, settled in 1783 by Canadian and Nova Scotian refugees, is the first port-of-call for our Canadian neighbors, and lies in the Town of Champlain as their Village.  During the prohibition, the town's close proximity to the border made rum running and speakeasies popular.  Rouses Point was an important stop for the Underground Railroad   During WWII, the community managed a lots of war materials to points north.   Much is written about this historical fort (once called Fort Blunder, as the USA borders had to be changed due to a surveyor error).  The village was named after Jacques Rouses, an early settler.   Today, Rouses Point enjoys many marinas on Lake Champlain and trade being a border town. 

Rouses Point (a Village of Champlain) has many historical sites including Fort Montgomery, D&H Railroad, Ezra Thurber's Home, Marnes Inn, Old Stone store, D&H Railroad Station, Joel Smith Home and more.  Founded in 1783, Rouse's Point was named after European settler, Captain Jacques Rouse.  Rouse's Point is a friend village with classic architecture.  In 1609, Samuel de Champlain took his canoe past Rouses Point to start the exploration of Lake Champlain.  During Prohibition, rum-running became a common and one speakeasies was called "Bucket of Blood."  Now Rouses Point enjoys three marinas filled with boaters.  Some coin Rouse's Point is where Champlain found his lake!

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Area Code


A Deringer Inc. (Brokerage) 1 Lincoln Boulevard Rouses Point 297-3511
  A G Farm Trucking 36 Clinton Street Rouses Point 297-6122
  A N Deringer Inc. 1 Lincoln Ave Rouses Point 297-3511
Acton Worldwide Inc. (Brokerage) 1 Lincoln Boulevard, Suite 102 Rouses Point 297-6600
Agency Insurance 89 Lake Street #101 Rouses Point 297-3388
Akrimax Manufacturing Inc. 64 Maple Street Rouses Point 297-6408
American Legion, Post 912 29 Pratt Street Rouses Point 297-2600
Amtrak Pratt Street Rouses Point 800-872-7245
Anachemia Chemicals Inc. 3 Lincoln Boulevard Rouses Point 297-4444
  Banks & Money Handlers      
Barcomb's Marina 90 Montgomery Street Rouses Point 297-6112
Bee Line Warehousing 5 Lincoln Boulevard Rouses Point 297-2861
Begor's Seemless Gutters 6 Elm Street Rouses Point 297-3399
Bennet's Auto Sales & Service 9 Champlain Street Rouses Point 297-2828
Best Friends Family Dinner 13 Lake Street Rouses Point 297-4745
Birch Trail Self Storage 412 Route 11 Rouses Point 297-3414
Blackpool Travel Inc. 2 Lakeview Ave Rouses Point 297-6722
Blarney Travel 90 Maple Street Rouses Point 297-4796
Bonnie's Day Care 53 Church Street Rouses Point 297-6892
Border Automotive & Accessories 3 Delaware Street Rouses Point 297-3104
Border Press 37 Clinton Street Rouses Point 297-6214
Bowl Mart 2270 Route  11 Rouses Point 297-6106
Bumper's Self Storage 27 Clinton Street Rouses Point 297-3446
C K B Collectibles 33 Pratt Street Rouses Point 297-3994
C P Rail 75 Pillsbury Road Rouses Point 297-4456
  Casella Waste Management 11 Pine Street Rouses Point 297-6327
  Cathy's 2nd Hand Shop 95 Lake Street Rouses Point 297-2595
  Chambers (including calendar of events)      
Champlain Children's Learning Center 20 Clinton Street Rouses Point 297-2019
Chauvin Agency 5 Champlain Street Rouses Point 297-5602
  Champlain Heirloom Farms 137A Lake Street Rouses Point 297-3900
Champlain Plastics 87 Pillsbury Road Rouses Point 297-2266
Champlain Rp  Historical Society 6 Pearl Street Rouses Point 297-2064
Chazy Hardware and Building Supply 44 Lake Street Rouses Point 297-2989
Chazy River Marina 30 Maple Street Rouses Point 297-5744
Clark Funeral Home 148 Lake Street Rouses Point 297-2351
Conan's Tattoos 77 Lake Street Rouses Point 335-6090
Consolidated Apparel Group Inc. 30 Bridge Street Rouses Point 297-2200
Cooper Trucking 3 Delaware Street Rouses Point 297-3104
Cornerstone Drug and Gift 72 Champlain Street Rouses Point 297-3784
Country Click 14 Pratt Street Rouses Point 297-6575
Craft Creations 105 Lake Street Rouses Point 569-8799
Crossborder Development Corp. 158 Lake Street Rouses Point 297-3525
Damar Corporation 192 Lake Street Rouses Point 297-2808
Dave's Performance Center 15 Prospect Street Rouses Point 297-5433
Decato Terminals Inc. 316 Lake Street Rouses Point 297-3925
Delaware & Hudson Railway Inc. 68 Pratt Street Rouses Point 297-4233
Delegar Division Belcam, Inc. 27 Montgomery Street Rouses Point 297-6641
Dollar General 64 Lake Street Rouses Point -97-5555
Dolly's  80 Montgomery Street Rouses Point 297-3044
E2E Logistics Consulting 1 Lincoln Boulevard Rouses Point 297-4400
Family Dollar 62 Champlain Street Rouses Point 297-6446
  Family Housing Council Ltd. 4 Carriere Way Rouses Point 297-6911
  Farmer's Markets      
Fibre Junction A Quilt Shoppe 69 Lake Street Rouses Point 297-9797
First Choice Power Wash 8 Prospect Street Rouses Point 569-9854
  First Presbyterian Church 52 Washington Avenue Rouses Point 297-6529
        G & S Janitorial Services 14 Priscilla Lane Rouses Point 297-3087
Gateway Floor Covering Center 8 Lake Street Rouses Point 297-3808
Garden by the Water 102 Maple Street Rouses Point 297-3107
Garrow Monuments 44 Church Street Rouses Point 297-7181
GiGi's Day Care 35 Chapman Street Rouses Point 297-3525
Gile's Chemical Corp. 31 Pillsbury Road Rouses Point 297-3255
  Global Fitness & Martial Arts 5 Crestview Way Rouses Point 297-3488
H B Ulrich Associates 14 Edgewater Drive Rouses Point 297-2142
Hair Works 1 Beechwood Drive Rouses Point 297-3820
Has Consulting Inc. 3 Rock Street Rouses Point 297-2878
Heads Up 103 Lake Street Rouses Point 297-6333
Heaton House 284 Lake Street Rouses Point 726-0911
Hospitals & Health Centers
Housing Management Resources 4 Carriere Way Rouses Point 315-841-8814
International Chemical Workers 64 Maple Street Rouses Point 297-1809
  J and J Vending 81 Montgomery Street Rouses Point 297-6886
  Jackie's Ceramic Studio 65 State Street Rouses Point 297-6285
  Jacsim USA Inc. 93 Lake Street Rouses Point 297-2746
Keable, Pamela (Accounting) 99D Lake Street Rouses Point 297-6932
Kathy's Fine Furniture Made in USA 117 Lake Street Rouses Point 297-2767
Kenneth Dubuque Construction 15 Rock Avenue Rouses Point 297-6580
Kindred Spirit Yoga 32 Mountain View Drive Rouses Point 206-4035
Kitco Logistics Inc. 64 Lake Street Rouses Point 297-2301
Lake Champlain Fish Company 412 Lake Street Rouses Point 297-3105
Lake Champlain Shooting Club Inc. 75 Montgomery Street Rouses Point 297-6150
Lakeview Locksmith 14 Pratt Street Rouses Point 206-4073
Last Resort Tavern 90 Montgomery Street Rouses Point 297-3044
Lewis Clyde A. Reverend 138 Lake Street Rouses Point 297-7361
  Little Bit of Texas Western Beef (Butcher) 90 Champlain Street Rouses Point 297-6030
M B Clark Funeral Home 148 Lake Street Rouses Point 297-2351
Marina at Lighthouse Point 61 Montgomery Street Rouses Point 297-6392
Maskell's Hair Hut 59 Lake Street Rouses Point 297-2062
  Miniature Golf Courses      
Mountain Mart 90 Champlain Rouses Point 297-3835
Nada Scientific 74 Lake Street Rouses Point 297-3208
Nancy's Beauty Salon 17 Pearl Street Rouses Point 297-2375
Naomi Treadwell (Scrapbooking) 141 Lake Street Rouses Point 206-4078
Nathalie Faubert Beautification 4 Edgewater Drive Rouses Point 297-6333
New Heng Li Trading Company 26 Priscilla Lane Rouses Point 297-3450
  New York Office of Mental Retardation 55 Rose Street Rouses Point 297-2357
  Norte Maar for Collaborative 20 Pratt Street Rouses Point 646-361-8512
North Country Golf Club 862 Hayford Road Rouses Point 297-3814
North Country Ski Board   Rouses Point 297-3121
North Country Skating Club   Rouses Point  
North Country Youth Hockey PO Box 162 Rouses Point  
  Pack & Paddle Directory      
Pamela Keable Accounting 99D Lake Street 297-6932
Pat's Small World Day Care 26 Pratt Street Rouses Point 297-2336
  Pauline's Family Hair Care 17 Pearl Street Rouses Point 297-2375
Pfizer Inc. 64 Maple Street Rouses Point 297-6611
Phillips, Michael Esq. 103 Lake Street Rouses Point 297-6050
Picture Perfect Photography 77 Champlain Street Rouses Point 578-0675
Powertex Inc. 1 Lincoln Boulevard Rouses Point 297-6111
Presbyterian Church 50 Washington Ave Rouses Point 297-6529
Pyrofax Energy 4 Champlain Street Rouses Point 297-3050
R B Enterprises 79 Maple Street Rouses Point 297-6768
Racine's Liquor & Wine 222 Lake Street Rouses Point 297-7344




Ray's Appliances Sales & Service 86 Lake Street Rouses Point 297-2899
  Real Estate      
  Relocation Tools      
  Rock Climbing      
Ronnie's Custom Made Furniture 27 Woodhaven Drive Rouses Point 297-3224
Rouses Point-Champlain Historical Society PO Box 44 Rouses Point  
Rouses Point Elementary School Maple Street Rouses Point 297-7211
Rouses Point Fire Dept. (non-emergency) 45 Lake Street Rouses Point  
Rouses Point Knights of Columbus 9 Liberty Street Rouses Point 297-6366
Rouses Point Nutrition Site (Meals on Wheels) 9 Liberty Street Rouses Point 597-7361
Rouses Point Samuel de Champlain (Friends of the Stage) Rouses Point 297-2064
Rouses Point Senior Housing Development 16 Manor Drive Rouses Point 297-4101

Rouses Point Sportsman Club

50 Montgomery Street

Rouses Point


Rouses Point Village Board Room

39 Lake Street

Rouses Point


Rouses Point Village Justice Court Office

139 Lake Street

Rouses Point


Rouses Point Village Police Dept.

(non emergency)  


Rouses Point Village Recreation Center

39 Lake Street

Rouses Point


Rouses Point Village Sewer Treatment Plant

Lily Ave

Rouses Point


Rouses Point Village Town Office

139 Lake Street

Rouses Point


Rouses Point Village Water & Sewer Power Emergency



RP Roofing General Contractor


Rouses Point



St. Mary's Academy

1129 Route 9

Rouses Point


St. Patrick's Church

138 Lake Street

Rouses Point


San Marino (seasonal)

62 Montgomery Street

Rouses Point


Sandy's Deli

133 Lake Road

Rouses Point


Saxony Recording Studios 224 Lake Street Rouses Point 297-3395

Secured Inside Storage

95 Chapman Street

Rouses Point


Semeraro Photography 109 Lake Street Rouses Point 593-0985
Smith Family Ltd. Partnership 84 Pratt Street Rouses Point 297-6110

Snack Attack

141 Lake Street

Rouses Point


Snow Activities
Societies & Organizations
Steve's Simonize & Customize 169 Lake Street Rouses Point 297-6928

Stewart's Shop

222 Lake Street

Rouses Point


Sultant Sk Enterprises Inc. 90 Champlain Street Rouses Point 297-3353

T. J.'s North Country Laundromat & Car Wash

1 Chapman Street

Rouses Point



The Anchorage Motor Inn

164 Lake Street

Rouses Point


The Chauvin Agency


Rouses Point


The Border Press

37 Clinton Street

Rouses Point


Time Warner Cable

42 Champlain Street

Rouses Point


Tiny Tykes Trading Post 105 Lake Street Rouses Point 208-4023

Trahan Construction

13 Elm Street

Rouses Point


Trip Phone 236 Lake Street Rouses Point 208-4023

Trophies and Awards

3 Montgomery Street

Rouses Point


Trs Inc. 66 Pratt Street Rouses Point 297-6540
U First Federal Credit Union 64 Maple Street Rouses Point 297-1268
United Food & Commercial Workers Local 95   Rouses Point 297-2312
United States Department of Agriculture 19 Street Johns Highway Rouses Point 297-2479
US Customs General Office   Rouses Point 297-2441
US Postal Service 9 Chapman Street Rouses Point 297-4231
  USA Bound Company 348 Route 11 Rouses Point 297-3365
Village of Rouses Point 139 Lake Street, PO Box 185 Rouses Point 297-5502
Village of Rouses Point Historian 139 Lake Street, PO Box 185 Rouses Point 297-5502
Village of Rouses Point Treasurer 139 Lake Street, PO Box 185 Rouses Point 297-5502
West's Liquor and Wines 77 Lake Street Rouses Point 297-5163


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