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Adirondack Center for Writing to Offer More Programs


Paul Smiths, NY--This winter, the Adirondack Center for Writing (ACW) received a $10,000 gift from Barbara Glaser, a philanthropist from Saratoga Springs, to establish an endowment. It came just as ACW was poised to begin expanding its offerings over the next several years.


"This was a very timely gift, for a lot of reasons," said director Nathalie Thill. "We've accomplished a lot on a low budget. This comes just after we voted to begin making it easier for writers and communities to make use of us. That takes money."


Since 1999, the Adirondack Center for Writing (ACW) has presented literary programs such as workshops, publishing conferences, an annual writing award for published books, and readings by writers including Andrea Barrett, Terry Tempest Williams, and William Kennedy around the Adirondacks and surrounding region. It provides a support network for writers, enhances the cultural environment in schools and communities, and teaches and gives voice to writers about and from the Adirondacks, from elementary school to late in life.


ACW's new plan will keep its current programs, but begin making more of them available in more areas all year. Eventually the organization will hire an assistant director, and establish residencies throughout the park. Those writers-in-residence, cultivated within the park and chosen from outside it, will offer lectures and readings in surrounding communities, and teach workshops.


The generous gift brings ACW to a new level of financial stability, said Thill. ACW's board of directors has set the goal of doubling the initial grant to reach $20,000 by the end of the fiscal year, and doubling that amount again by 2010.


"The whole idea is to make more services, support, and workshops available to more people. This gift from Barbara Glaser establishing an endowment helps open the door for other donors who would like to help establish these programs and secure our financial future," Thill said, adding, "ACW is still committed to partnering with and supporting arts organizations and libraries, since they are often the centers of cultural activities in our hamlets and villages."

Nathalie Thill
Executive Director
Adirondack Center for Writing
Please support your regional literary organization, become an ACW member today!


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