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Dave's Contribution


Forgotten Voices of the North Woods:

Revisiting historic literature of the Adirondacks - "East and West: Comparative Studies of Nature in Eastern and Western States"

Forgotten Voices of the North Woods: Revisiting historic literature of the Adirondacks - "Personal Reminiscences 1840 - 1890"
Forgotten Voices: Part one, Jeptha Sims, from his book - "Trappers of New York" published 1851
Forgotten Voices: Wallace Bruce's -  "The Hudson, Three Centuries of History, Romance and Invention" published in 1881
Forgotten Voices: H. Perry Smith - "Modern Babes in the Woods or Summerings in the Wilderness" published 1872
Forgotten Voices: The Fishing Tourist: Anglers Guide and Reference Book, by Charles Hallock, published in 1873
Forgotten Voices: Indian Pass  - from the pens of a scientist, historian and writer
Forgotten Voices: Woods and Waters: or, The Saranacs and Racket 
Forgotten Voices: Wild Northern Scenes or Sporting adventures with the Rifle and the Rod
Forgotten Voices: Trolling for Trout
Forgotten Voices: The Hudson, From The Wilderness to the Sea
Forgotten Voices:

Woodcraft - The Light Canoe And Double Blade—Various Canoes For Various Canoeists—Reasons For Preferring The Clinker-Built Cedar

Forgotten Voices: Under the Trees
Forgotten Voices: The Adirondacks, or Life in the Woods
Forgotten Voices: A Camp in the Adirondacks by Jessamy Harte
Forgotten Voices: A Shooting In The Adirondacks, by Charles Dickens
Forgotten Voices: Sunrise on Little Tupper, by C.D. Markham
Forgotten Voices: The Adirondack Tooth Carpenter, by "H.E.C."
Forgotten Voices: The Cruise of the Sairy Gamp
Forgotten Voices: By Stage-Coach in the Adirondacks
Forgotten Voices: PONY TRACKS - Black Waters and Shallows - Chapter 7




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  Dave Waite is a nature and fine arts photographer whose images express his personal creativity and unique view of nature and the world around him. His work is striking and evocative, realistic and ethereal. Trained as a photographer in the early '70s, he worked doing freelance commercial photography for a number of years then left that profession, to pick it up again as a creative outlet in 2003. His accomplishments include his 2005 & 2011 selection in the Mohawk Hudson Regional and 2011 Albany Photo Regional, honorable mentions at the Villagers Stockade Art show in 2005 and 2008, as well as the 2006 Rexford Art Show & 2008 Bethlehem Art Association member show. He won first prize in the photography category at the 2008 & Best of Show in 2011 in the Hagaman Annual Autumn Art Show, Hagaman, NY.   As a member of the Bethlehem Art Association, Dave has taught Creative Photography and given hands-on workshops on various aspects of the subject.

My Artist Statement says it best:

"For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated by detail, especially detail in nature. My introduction to photography in my early teens offered me the ability to capture that detail and share it with others. With taking on adult responsibilities I set the activities of a photographer artist aside for a season.  A number of years ago the desire to express myself creatively again came to the forefront. The greatest lesson that I learned during this time away from my art is that creativity is never really lost, and will be there when the time is right for it to blossom again.

I have often been asked why I create these images. The answer is not deeply philosophical or even complex - I love to explore. For me personally the eyepiece of a camera is an invitation to explore worlds that would often be missed by the naked eye. Add to that the creativity available through the photographic process and you have opportunities of creative exploration that are truly endless. I rarely set out to create a certain image, and quite often I am amazed at the results. I even feel sometimes that  composition, balance and flow are offered to me by the subjects themselves and I am simply obliged to accept their gift. In fact, there have been times when I could instead use the word obligated, as if what is set before me has in that moment become my responsibility to record, my own person being simply a repository of what is set before me. I can truly say that in all of this I am blessed.

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