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"In And Around The Adirondack Park" invites our Adirondackers to make contributions, and add to our list of essays, short stories, recipes and any interactive articles about, or produced, by our Adirondack citizens and visitors.  By sharing knowledge, we better our world.  


All articles have to be about the Adirondacks. Articles can be from our own Adirondack residences, or stories from our Adirondack visitors.  Add a video or too and really make it an enjoyable experience for all.  Contact with your submission. Don't worry if you aren't an author; we'll work with you! 


IAATAP is also proud to present all our business neighbors with our Master Collection of Towns.   If your business isn't posted, be sure to contact to be posted FREE.


All credits on your articles will be respected.  Articles, writings, essays, even recipes need to be focused "In and Around The Adirondack Park."   All business postings must be in, or around, the Adirondack Park's blue line.  Thank you.




   Featured Collections




- Reprint of our local news



- Identity Theft (tips of protection)



- A collection of Adirondack Recipes



- News from the Writer's Guild

  Writers - Forgotten Voices by David Waite
  Writers - Dogs Proving They Are A Mountaineer's Best Friend
  Fishing - Teaching your Kids to Fish


- Snaps by Lou (Thunder Mtn. Properties)


Our Towns

- Our master collection of towns and hamlets

  Wilderness - Explore our wilderness regions (55%is state owned)






*  DISCLOSURE:  "In and Around the Adirondack Park" is not affiliated with any of the above businesses, organizations or events, nor can vouch for the quality,  and is NOT responsible for the actions  of the above parties.  This is brought as a public service message only.



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